The fragrance of travel by Memo

Memo Boutique

The place : the first boutique of this young perfume label, that made itself known through the most hype concept-stores of the planet and whose universe is intimately linked to travel. A theme one encounters in this powdery boudoir designed by India Mahdavi, furnished with luggage and trunk presentation furniture.

Zoom on : Marfa, the newcomer. A juice jus inspired by the famous village lost in the Texan desert, that lassoes in the arty crowd. Result, a bewitching mix of mandarine, orange blossom, ylang ylang and white musk essences in a bottle stamped with a mystical eye (190€). In other words a collector objet.

The plus: indoor perfumes (105€) and ambiance candles (54€).

By Julie Zwingelstein

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