The Loudest Voice: A Behind-the-Scenes Series at Fox News

The Loudest Voice Serie

Among the men of power who have marked the media and American politics: Roger Ailes , president and creator of Fox News . It is precisely to this manipulative, misogynistic and dictatorial character that the biopic mini-series The Loudest Voice is devoted , played by the masterful Russell Crowe .

Remarkable adaptation of the bestseller The loudest voice in the room by Gabriel Sherman , reporter for the New York Times and GQ , the series was filmed in docu-fiction form by Tom McCarthy , director of Spotlight , Oscar for best film and the best scenario . In short, big heavy.

The birth of Fox News

Extrait de la série avec Russell Crowe, Sienna Miller et Simon McBurney

Follow Roger Ailes for 7 episodes , a bombastic , manipulative and unscrupulous man , former image consultant to Richard Nixon , Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush

It all started in 1996, when the press magnate and very Republican Rupert Murdoch ( Simon McBurney ), asked him to set up a new channel in just eleven months. His goal ? Become the biggest news channel in the United States .

Successful bet

Nobody wants to be informed, only to feel like they are informed ”: this is the mantra of the big boss. Exaggerated patriotism , ultra- conservative line totally assumed (especially after the attacks of September 11, 2001): the big strings of demago journalism without faith or law according to Roger Ailes will work among Americans. Until dethroning CNN in just 5 years.

Et c'est précisément this prize in Somali que des médias delivery The Loudest Voice where the assists on, between others, in the Donald Trump Montée de dans les sondages et au rôle Fox in this stunning prize de pouvoir.

An Oscar-worthy casting

Sexual abuse, crisis of Dantesque anger, blackmail ... If the character had not been real, we would have believed in caricature. The performance of Russell Crowe , unrecognizable, gives a formidable dimension to Roger Ailes , married in fiction to Sienna Miller , white goose who supports her husband against all odds.

To embody the female opposition , the sublime Naomi Watts plays Gretchen Carlson , star presenter on Fox News .

Welcome to the world of fake news ! The one who refused the sexual advances of the predator is going to have to pay a high price ... with her share of rumors and false information to be broadcast daily if she does not want to end Miss Weather!


Visit Canal + to see this docu-fiction mini-series of 7 episodes which reveals the underside of the biggest American news channel. While it only seems to address the flaws and more controversial aspects of the character, a series in the lineage of House of Cards must-see.

From July 2, Tuesdays at 10:45 p.m. on Canal +

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