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Iunx Boutique

The place: a super minimalistic venue worthy of a science-fiction novel, for this UFO perfume shop run by Olivia Giacobetti. After the micro-boutique of Hotel Costes, this successful feminine nose (she created the best-sellers for L’Artisan Parfumeur) imposes her label, a skip and a hop from Odéon.

Zoom on: Eau Aztèque, a sweet and fruity eau de toilette with scents of musk, pear, spiked with a touch of Bourbon vanilla, you almost feel like eating it! (150€ for 150 ml). Tops also L’Eau qui pique, a mix of ginger, raw cedar and pepper tree wood. And Goutte d’Ether, perfume water concentrated in a one-ml mono-dose presented in blown glass for a wild shot—a real curiosity (70€).

The plus: 3.0 luminous testers that diffuse perfumes when you come up close.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 1:30pm and 2:30pm to 7pm.

By Julie Zwingelstein

written by

Where to find it?


13, rue de Tournon

75016 Paris

01 42 02 53 52

Odeon Odeon

Mabillon Mabillon

Odeon Odeon

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