The perfume bar of Liquides

Liquides Boutiques

The place : un bar « with a twist » conceived by the whizz designer Philippe Di Méo (TIGrr, Pâtisserie Yann Couvreur…). Here no spirits, but bottles by niche brands, all carefully selected. By Redo, Miller Harris, Thirdman, Juliette has a gun

Zoom on: Tudo Bem ! The latest juice of Pour Toujours, the perfume brand launched by Martine Denisot (wife of TV star MIchel). A carioca cocktail deliciously tangy that has a deffo playa scent (yellow and green lemon, month, black pepper, ginger).

The plus : allow yourself to be guided by the barmaid—a whizz when it comes to each fragrance.

Open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7:30pm.

By Julie Zwingelstein

written by

Where to find it?


9 rue de Normandie

75003 Paris

09 66 94 77 06

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