The sexy salad of Alix Lacloche

Courgettes Aux Amandes Fraiches

The hottest food-girl of the moment has shared with us her salad recipe that is as delicious as it is easy to make: courgettes with fresh almonds, herbs and feta.

For 6 persons

Preparation 15 min/cooking 10 min

Wash the courgettes and cut up in round shapes or rather thick quarters, then heat a tiny bit of oil in a pan (Keep in mind that the courgette does not need a lot of cooking to be savory!)

Pan fry it for a few minutes, then transfer on a plate and allow to cool down.

Wash the herbs and drain well.

On a platter or your choice, set up the courgettes, add a little salt (but not too much, because feta is already quite salty) place on top a nice quantity of mint leaves, then basil, and finally marjoram.

With the help of a mandolin cutter or a sharp knife, create slivers of feta and sprinkle on the courgettes and the herbs. Add ground pepper and a few dashes of strong olive oil.

Finish by sprinkling fresh almonds between the layers of herbs and feta cheese.

The tip of Alix Lacloche: courgettes are delicious when pan fried quickly with a little oil. I prefer them firm and juicy, for that I cut them in rather thick quarters. Around June-July, I am particularly fond of mixing them with fresh almonds– more delicate than dry– and a strong olive oil.

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10 small courgettes or 4 normal ones

½ bunch of mint

A few leaves of marjoram

A few leaves of basil

(if you find violet basil, it will be even prettier !)

100 g of feta

Extra virgin olive oil

Natural salt (fleur de sel or Maldon salt)

Ground pepper

1 handful of fresh almonds

(if you are lucky enough to find some on the market or in your garden)

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