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You dream of staying in bed with a good dinner and watching a fab series? The DO IT TEAM has watched for you exclusively the two new not-to-be-missed hot series of January: the new Netflix superprodution and a terrific adaptation of a Pulitzer winning thriller produced by Bradley Cooper aired on M6... So whether you are fans of the Tim Burton style universe or obssessed with Dexter: these new episodes are right up your alley.

The disastrous adventures of the Baudelaire Orphans

baudelaire orphans

For whom? All those big kids who enjoy the fantastic.

The pitch. Here is the adaptation of Daniel Handler’s cult literary saga (under the pseudonym of Lemony Snicket) which his fans were longingly waiting for. After the death of their parents, in a suspicious fire, Violette, Klaus and Sunny end up living in the broken down manor of their closest parent, Count Olaf. This mean and manipulative pseudo-comedian is eager to get his hands on the inheritance of the three children… who will need to face up to the worse chores: cleaning the manor house from top to bottom, living in misery, avoiding the low blows of their Machiavelic uncle... But the Baudelaire have more than one trick up their sleeve !

The strong point: an immersion in a dark and baroque universe that will appeal to the fans of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland with the talented Barry Sonnenfeld behind the camera, (The Men in Black trilogy that’s him). All this supported by an amazing casting with Neil Patrick Harris, fabulous in the part of the evil Count Olaf. No need to add that the gang from the Baudelaire Orphans (Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes, Presley Smith) happens to be the cult trio, totally capable of picking up where the Harry Potter generation stopped.

The disastrous adventures of the Baudelaire orphans on, starting January the 13th.


For whom ? Fans of thrillers.

The pitch. Adapted from the 2016 Pulitzer Prize “Black Flags” and the film Limitless with Bradley Cooper, this CBS series produced with Cooper is the new nugget that just landed on M6. We are warning you, it’s addictive !

Everything begins in New York when Brian Finch, a 30-year-old bobo musician, slightly looser, discovers NZT 48, a substance that increases mental capacities by using 100% of the brain’s capacities. By testing this new generation drug, Brian Finch finds himself at the heart of a series of murders and forced to cooperate in an FBI inquiry with agent Harris (Hill Harpert from The Experts)… Until the secret services become very interested in the doped up brain of Brian Finch, going so far as having him cut a deal with the devil … A terrific thriller.

The strong point. A brilliant and funny series, quite in the lines of Dexter at the beginning, twisting humour, cynicism and playing on the ambivalence of the main character. Is Brian Finch a drug addict or a futuristic hero ? That is the question ! The presentation is ambitious and super dynamic with lingering effects and mad pursuits, just like Brian’s Inception. Totally spine chilling.


Limitless every Thursday on M6 and replay on

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