Deluxe therapy at La Prairie

La prairie salon

The promise: a smooth, supple and clear skin, rid of aggressions due to environmental stress. In short, softened lines and a relaxed face for several weeks.

For whom? Overbooked 30-year-old Parisiennes, who deal with the first signs of ageing. The ideal target? Smokers and/ or clubbers whose skin is blurred by cigarette smoke, all sorts of mojitos and a slew of sleepless nights.

The place: flagship of the prestigious Swiss cosmetics brand, inaugurated last year on rue Saint-Honoré, only a skip and a hop from Colette. You are hosted in the super chic salon on the first floor to establish your needs by way of a questionnaire. The treatment then takes places on the lower level in an ultra comfy cocoon cabin.

The protocol: makeup removal, in-depth cleansing and scrub, in order to prepare the ground properly for the Ice Crystal serum.

Made from Alpine plants living in extreme conditions, its formula reinforces skin resistance. Eye-contour and face massages du continue with pink quartz crystals that slip on the skin. Last step: moisturization with the pose of a mask, and in the meantime, an exfoliation of hands and arms. Duration? 1h.

The added plus: the playful textures of different products that boost incredible sensations and massages that will make you purr with pleasure.

Cellular Rejuveanting Ice Crystal Swiss Treatment  1h, 160€.

Open Monday to Saturday, from 10:30 to 7:30pm.

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