Super detox Yoga

Perched in the buzzing area of the High Marais, The Yoga Factory reinvents classic yoga in a former ultra arty industrial workshop.

Here, you will practice hot yoga ! Nothing naughty about this ! The purpose of hot yoga is to make movements with intensity in a room heated at  32°C, in order to perspire and enhance toxin elimination. Out of the question to reproduce the same poses for 30 minutes, courses are playful and keep up a high pace.

The must : the special detox program begins Monday with advice to purify your body and go back to good eating habits, along with a special detox course, even more efficient to repair all the excess of the past year.

For those who prefer doing sports at home, it’s here (lien avec la news de lundi 7 pour Fusiki) and those who prefer pedaling in water here (link avec la news de mardi 8 aquabiking).

Prepaid cards starting at 170 € for 10 sessions

Formulas begin at 50 €

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Where to find it?

The YogaFactory

21, rue des Filles du Calvaire

75003 Paris

01 83 94 29 08

Oberkampf Oberkampf

Saint-sebastien-froissart Saint-sebastien-froissart

Filles Du Calvaire Filles Du Calvaire

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