What is Alex Lutz's long-awaited soap worth on Canal?

La Vengeance Au Triple Galop

Skin-tight pink mini-shorts, mullet cuts on a background of passion, money and betrayals… Alex Lutz had long dreamed of making his perfect parody of the 80's TV soap that he watched “ religiously with [his] grandmother .

Broadcast on October 4 on Canal +, La Vengeance au Triple Galop has already won the Prize for Best Comedy at the La Rochelle Festival and has a dream cast (and friends) with Audrey Lamy , Alex Lutz , Marion Cotillard , Leïla Bekhti , Guillaume Gallienne, Gaspard Ulliel , François Civil and Bruno Sanchez . In short: the funniest actors in the country to serve as the king of writing. What else?

A pitch worthy of the Young and the Restless and Santa Barbara

If you liked JR Ewing, Victor Newman, Ashley Abbott, Joan Collins, Sue Ellen, Kelly, Ridge Forrester or Sheila Carter, you will love the fate of the wealthy Stephanie Harper, victim of an assassination attempt.

Stephanie Harper ( Audrey Lamy ), billionaire heiress with ungrateful physique, marries Craig Daners ( Alex Lutz ), champion of brisk walking (already, we laugh) and avid womanizer. 24 hours after the wedding, Craig, who has a hot affair with Stephanie's best friend, Crystal ( Leïla Bekhti ), wants to get rid of his wife in order to recover her fortune. Stephanie is left for dead following a horseback riding accident orchestrated by the two lovers.

Saved by Danley ( Gaspard Ulliel ), renowned cosmetic surgeon with a deep and suave voice, Stephanie transforms into a pretty young woman. Inspired by a fashion icon ( Marion Cotillard ) and with the help of her right arm Claude ( Guillaume Gallienne ), Stephanie decides to take revenge.

Parody the already-kitsch

Alex Lutz and his co-author of always Arthur Sanigou ( Catherine and Liliane ) do not hide it: they are absolute fans of these always too much soaps which combine issues of money, power, love and above all great dramas with, for the viewer, a certain art of voyeurism.

It's huge: pompous dialogues, useless explanations that last a thousand years, overplayed emotions, aged and weathered image, improbable and so kitschy looks, stolen car make-up, space brushings, caricature and touching characters at the same time ... letting go worthy of the best exercises of its kind, from OSS 117 to The City of Fear . Fans will appreciate ...

La vengeance au triple gallop, October 4 on Canal + and in replay on myCANAL .


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