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Yoga at We love bloom against burn out

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On the edge of a burn out? You wake up feeling anxious and have major sleeping issues? You are at the right place!

Inspired by hot spots in New York or L.A., We Love Bloom is considered as the first contemporary meditation centre allowing urbanites to practice MBSR, yin yoga, gong bath, halotherapy and express massages to take care of yourself and quickly relax in a new terrific venue in the trendy 2nd arrondissement.

Once upon a time We Love Bloom

Journalist at CNN, specialist in terrorist attacks, Eugénie Lambert Buckestein discovers fully conscious meditation in order to handle the permanent stress linked to her work. Sceptical at first, one first observes: this practice is not that simple to set up, even difficult at the beginning. “But I must admit that new reflexes occurred and changed my life,” explains the young woman.

A baby and coming back to Paris changed her lifestyle… The reporter went through a reconversion and decided to create a venue of modern such as did not exist yet in Paris to accompany stressed out urbanite. We Love Bloom was born.

A programme of targeted and quick courses

From 8am to 9pm, all the most updated meditation practices are taught by specialists: Eugénie went to pick the top pros (oncologists, researchers, hypnotherapists, ultra-select yoga teachers...) to organize a programme of unique courses in Paris.

Its high added value? Offering short course formats of 30 mn or 1h, but also 15 minute massages (€35) easy to fit into a daily schedule during a lunch break or after work before curfew.

One studio, two ambiances

A Mindful Movement, a detox Nidra yoga or a course to rebalance emotions through meditation at We Love Bloom in Paris

Bathed in light with a vegetal wall, the day room is a well or energy for a Rise mixing awakening and intention, a Mindful Movement, a detox Nidra yoga or a course to rebalance emotions through meditation.

A starry sky, sound baths with Tibetan bowls, candle lighting: the night room offers an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and letting go with the purpose of complete relaxation of the body and the spirit, without forgetting Yin & Soundbath, the signature course of Bloom towards total peace of mind…

The first salt room in Paris

You adored giving in to the virtues of an infrared sauna and cryotherapy? You will adore moving on to halotherapy, literally “treatment by salt”.

How does it work? It takes place in a small pink cabin made with salt bricks from the Himalaya, very rich in mineral and iron. This new practice consists settling in between 20 and 60 minutes to meditate by breathing good salty air. It’s Saint-Malo à Paris. (€17 for 30 minutes).

Result? Enhanced skin, reboosted lungs and soothed nerves. In short: the reinvigorating benefits of a real week-end in Brittany.

Cool partnerships

A real treasure trove, their mini concept-store sells books and objects in relation with meditation to prolong the slow life experience at home. Starting with the CBD relaxing oil—“the” method for a good night’s sleep.

One also finds Owen oils, a bottle of borage, a powerful anti-wrinkle (€17), herbal teas by L’Infuseur, Lululemon carpets, yoga bricks (€22), gourd cups signed SOl, the Australian green brand.

Starting at €19 per course. €8 for the virtual online meditation course.

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Where to find it?

We Love Bloom

4 rue Étienne Marcel

75002 Paris

06 56 70 57 53

Les Halles Les Halles

Etienne Marcel Etienne Marcel

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