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It's Zinzin Land at the end of September. Because there is a good dose of serial killers, eccentrics and predators who land on our screens this month with 3 star series that everyone is talking about.

There is something to freak out between Laetitia , the phenomenon series of France 2 selected at Sundance, Ratched , the highly anticipated new fiction by Ryan Murphy on Netflix and The Third Day , a freaking journey with Jude Law and Emily Watson . It's up to you to choose which of these series you prefer to shout!


La série Laetitia sur France TV de Jean-Xavier de Lestrade avec Marie Colomb, Sophie Breyer, Yannick Choirat, Guillaume Marquet, et Noam Morgensztern.

In the cast: all the young emerging talents including Marie Colomb in the role of Laetitia, Sophie Breyer who plays her twin sister, Yannick Choirat the chief warrant officer in charge of the investigation, Guillaume Marquet the gendarmerie officer and Noam Morgensztern , the murderer of Laetitia.

The promise : the star adaptation of the Laetitia affair inspired by the investigation of Ivan Jablonka (Prix Médicis) in an author's mini-series selected at the Sundance Film Festival , to say the least.

Back in 2011 to the heart of a true and hyper-media story which plunges France into national mourning. It is the murder and the rape of Laetitia Perrais by a sexual predator that the formidable filmmaker and documentary maker Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (author of Games of Influence and Oscar for best documentary film with Un guilty ideal ) stages . Much more than a news item, the committed and finesse production reveals the upset childhood of two twins: a violent and rapist father, a devastated mother, passages in the home… And the evidence of a Greek tragedy: this teenager cradled in brutality and patriarchy could not fight against this fate without the right weapons.

Laetitia, in replay on France TV .

The Third Day

Série The Third Day avec Jude Law, Emily Watson et Katherine Waterston.

Au casting : Jude Law, Emily Watson, Katherine Waterston.

The promise: a mystical and terrifying trip behind closed doors to a sublime British island, but populated by dingoes.

Welcome to the madhouse. By a first set of circumstances which is already starting very badly, Sam ( Jude Law ) finds himself obliged to bring a young girl back to her island, isolated from the rest by high tide. He falls in the middle of a music festival and can only observe, frightened, the gloomy customs at will of its inhabitants, sometimes reticent, sometimes delighted with the crib. Here he is torn between the absolute need to return home to deal with a burglary and the masochistic desire to stay in order to discover more. However, it would seem that he is ultimately not so unknown here ...

The Third Day, already available on OCS .


Série Ratched avec Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Nixon et Sharon Stone.

Au casting : Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Nixon (Miranda dans Sex and the City) et Sharon Stone.

The Promise: A Prequel to Flight Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ryan Murphy .

This is the most bankable series of the fall. After the Hollywood success released during confinement, the most popular screenwriter of the moment returns with a marvel of psychological thriller at once eccentric, crazy and hyper aesthetic around the youth of Mildred Ratched , the ultra creepy nurse who mistreats Jack Nicholson . Here, through the very finesse of Sarah Paulson's interpretation , the cult character of Flight over a cuckoo's nest takes on the attire of a wounded woman… We oscillate with joy between the lesbian rom com and the factory of 'an evil character. Tricky!

Ratched, already available on Netflix .

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