Buzz: the Insta Amours Solitaires account becomes a series

Web Serie Amour Solitaires

Notice to the eternal romantics who have devoured Dangerous Liaisons , Letters to Anne (the fiery correspondence between Mitterrand and Pingeot) and other epistolary love stories. If you've made it this far, it's because you're probably one of the 772K or so subscribers to the @amours_solitaires Instagram account . A compendium of love messages (and sexting ) 2.0, which proves that the SMS generation also knows how to court by the verb.

This is the event for all concept addicts: after two remarkable books, founder Morgane Ortin entrusts her baby to the young director Xavier Reim to make a fresh and original web series , available on YouTube , Instagram and as of April 6.

What does it talk about ?

Taking up volume 1 of the adaptation in bookstores, Amours Solitaires tells the love story of the chatter Maud ( Manika Auxire ) and the reserved Simon ( Adam Bessa ), two young lovers in the making who seek and find each other. Unlike the book which only presented the screen prints of the correspondence between the two lovebirds, it was therefore necessary to create a whole universe around to film.

Maud (Manika Auxire) Simon (Adam Bessa) dans la web serie amours soltaires

The characters are thus staged in their respective contexts while writing their prose in the toilets, at 5 am on the way home from the evening “ Everyone knows it's a bad idea! ”, At the bottom of the bed or at the laundromat surrounded by his friends between two bites of kebab. In short, a portrait of Gen 'Z all on fire, all on fire.

A hybrid format

A true modern web series , Amours Solitaires is available in the form of 3-minute micro-episodes and in two different formats. One horizontal for YouTube and , and especially the other vertical, as filmed by the characters themselves, and whose videos will be posted on Instagram every day. Do you know that feeling when you open your camera and see your big head because of the inverted lens? All the same.


Some skeptics will say that all this flow of love remains, like the Insta account in general, a bit “ cucul la praloche ”. Others (among the fans who regularly relay their favorite messages in stories) will find their account and their dose of romance. Anyway, the web series is downright nice, the young actors are very natural and the staging is decidedly more fun and involving than just reading screenshots.

Extrait de amours solitaire avec Simon interprété par Adam Bessa

Online from April 6 on Instagram and YouTube and April 11 on

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