Bain: the cabinet for green products that cannot be found in Paris

Au Bain, the store with beauty products you can't find anywhere else

It is the new address in the 10th district that will capsize the hearts of green girls. La Trésorerie has set up a new bathroom event in its former restaurant, which flirts with retro, craftsmanship and organic avant-garde. Everything we love.

The rendezvous of elegant 2.0 in the 10th

Halfway between an apothecary and a chic bazaar , this enlightened and atypical address reconciles the chic of the French boudoir and clean beauty routines.

In short: the new passion of Parisiennes looking for a magnificent Finnish linen bathrobe , a beautiful wooden nail brush, a new sharp brand, a gift that stands out or a unique cologne like Fern or Jasmine Jean d'Aigle .

Products not found in Paris

A sharp selection from the La Trésorerie with Oppidum's mask soap and goat's milk treatments

At the Trésorerie , we had already been accustomed to an extraordinary and exclusive selection. Same fight in the Bath, for which the owners went to find niche brands, labels that reinvent the cosmetic offer such as the Oppidum mask soap based on vegetable resin to be applied with a brush (18 €) or the solids 2.0 of the young French brand Unbottled which revolutionizes the bathroom with formulas always sharp and without chemicals like its masks and shower gels without bottle.

Another curiosity: the care products made from goat's milk raised in the meadows of Berthe Guilhem's farm. The house located in Ariège creates absolutely divine eye contours, conditioners and hand balms.

Beauty secrets and magic potions

The beauty secrets of La Trésorerie with the Victoria Soap, the vinegar of the 4 thieves and an anti-cellulite toothbrush.

Among its handpicked selection, a few nuggets really stand out, such as Victoria soaps . Supplier of the Crown of Sweden , its washing bars (€ 4) made from egg whites, water and rose are displayed as the beauty secret of Nordic girls to deep cleanse while leaving the skin of the face soft and supple.

Another cult product to rediscover urgently and always to have in your medicine cabinet: the vinegar of the 4 thieves (€ 19.50), a powerful antiseptic which legend has it that it preserved a band of brigands who drank it during the plague. The virtues of this toning potion? It treats sore throats by mouthwashing, repels lice, soothes itching, makes hair shine in lotion ... Even the German anti-cellulite brush made of beech wood works wonders!

As for the emerald water (11 €), a concoction based on honey, sage, rosemary and peppermint, emblematic of the Monastery of Bouzy la Forêt bottled by Benedictine sisters, it soothes tired legs, promotes good health. dental hygiene, soothes sores and wounds like a razor cut or a small pimple.

A mine of unique gifts

Gifts to offer at La Trésorerie with a honeycomb bath towel and Barrensatial soaps.

Hard-to-fill snobbish men and souls will love honeycomb bath towels made in one of the last linen weaving workshops in Lithuania, not to mention shaving tools from Dr Harris , the famous St James Street apothecary .

We also like: the collections of extraordinary soaps to offer such as Barrensatial , a small Irish manufacturer (€ 22 for a box of 8 mini soaps) or Ciment Paris and its cold saponified squares with mosaic patterns (€ 9.90) which also offers an exclusive white range without perfume or dye suitable for children and pregnant women.

Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday.

Also discover the new natural and chic labels of household products .

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Where to find it?

Au Bain

11, rue du Château d’Eau

75010 Paris

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