Au Grand Magasin, the secret vintage shop in the 11th

Jump with your two feet into this new time machine in the 11th arrondissement. Old-fashioned school notebooks, vintage maps of the Mediterranean sea, forgotten board games … Not a recent object on the horizon.

Au Grand Magasin has remained frozen in the years 40-70. Maria-Pia and Oliva, two vintage champions, pick up these small retro marvels. A lot of regressive tidbits borrowed from the perfect housewife of that era: a La Vache Qui Rit keychain, a Banania bowl, silk reels, aluminum pots, old-fashioned buttons... And treasures from school rooms of the past: anatomy board, good point images, chalk and slate, a school bench.

This will enable you to convey a touch of old-fashioned charm to your flat. Take the time to stroll and rummage!

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

Where to find it ?

Au Grand Magasin

11, rue Jean Macé

75011 Paris

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