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After Abd Al Malik , it is Kery James' turn to film his vision of neighborhoods and impose a style and his analysis of 9.4 life. The tone is set: Banlieusards , the title of his feature film, resonates with that of an eponymous song, a hit on radio and at the box office in 2008.

Clever and connoisseur of the contemporary machine of success, Kery James has preferred Netflix to cinemas to speak en masse to young people and release, buzz in support, a film that he wants eminently political, captured by his " eye " forever, the director Leïla Sy, official clipper of the rapper .


“We are not doomed to failure, here is the song of the fighters / Commuter and proud of it, I wrote the hymn of the fighters / Those who do not always do what we expect. 'them / Who don't always say what we want to hear from them. ”

The rapper was already preaching a heroic point of view (almost macronist, his detractors would criticize) of the suburbs. Far from social determinism, the possibility that we can get out of it, if we want to.

Siblings: three possibilities

To embody his urban fable, Kery James could not escape his own staging. It's done… in the role of the big brother of a sibling, a dealer, living the high life of a thug, “ that ” in prison and ashamed of his deserving mother.

Portrait de Kerry James acteur du film Banlieusards réaliser par Leïla Sy

The youngest, a rough-hewn teenager, is looking for a vocation between two firecrackers: thug seed or model student, like his big brother.

Souleyman Traoré , the youngest son ( Jammeh Diangana ), has the beautiful role: that of social success. Student lawyer, humble, brilliant, he divides his life between two worlds: the city of 94 and the other side of the periphery between the university and the Palais de Justice.

The paradoxes of his life catch up with him until the final of the conference's eloquence contest, confronted by a blond and bubbly bourgeois ( Chloé Jouannet ) not insensitive to his charms.

The subject falls: “ Is the State solely responsible for the current situation of the suburbs in France? ”. The young Traoré was chosen to argue that no ...

A plea for freedom

“If suburban dwellers can see the state as the root of all their problems, it would be understandable if they would expect the state to solve all of their problems. But the state so powerful in your eyes cannot. Maybe don't want it. But anyway, will not. So: what do you think these people are left with if not victimization whining? ”

So begins his plea. Kery James wrote his hymn to the commuters 10 years ago. This time, he responds through Souleyman's voice in the form of a plea, a story of love and freedom.

More than a film, an allegory: “ Me, I didn't just fantasize about life in the suburbs or distort it. The suburbs I know it, I live there. Life is a matter of choice… Solidarity or everyone for everyone ”, before quoting Cyrano and invoking the tragedy of the suburbs… In short, a nice twist on the boards of Netflix .

Bande Annonce du films Banlieusard avec Kerry James, Bakary Diombera, Mathieu Kassovitz, Chloé Jouannet Leila Sy,

Commuters Kery James. 1h36 movie online on Netflix .


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