By Mutation, the secret weapon of fashionistas

By Mutation La Botte Secrete Des Fashionistas Land

Ménilmontant might not be the most popular destination of fashionistas, but By Mutation really deserves for you to show up on your high heels. Tamara, owner of the place, agent of the artiste and interior decorator, likes pretty things, and shares her heart throbs.

In this pretty enclave without any storefront, everything is chosen with taste, and the selection of designers, mostly French, is very trendy. Cherry on the cake: each month, a designer or a photographer shows his work. During the month of May, it will be the pretty shelves in wood and mirror by Fanny Dora.

We like: talking fashion shop and upcoming small designers with the wonderful Tamara.

We love: the super confidential dresses of Spanish designer Henui (250€), long glass necklaces by Rosa Mendes (65€-75€), Patricia Blanchet shoes, and  Sandrine Colin handbags. And for all the rest also, but we had to make a choice.

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Where to find it?

By mutation

30 rue Etienne Dolet

75020 Paris

01 43 49 23 52

Menilmontant Menilmontant

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