What is Céline Sciamma's new film Petite Maman worth?

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His charming initiatory tale enchants this “back to school ” cinema. 3 reasons to take his place for Petite Mama Celine Sciamma, in theaters June 2

1 - For the delicacy of its astonishing history

Difficult to find any negative review of his new film. Céline Sciamma has a series of favorites with her dreamlike Petite Maman , a real intimate dive into time, an ode to maternal transmission and childhood. After the death of the adored grandmother and a very beautiful farewell scene in an nursing home (which resonates particularly with the news), you have to go and empty your house.

The mother suddenly disappears, but the father ( Stéphane Varupenne of the Comédie-Française) continues to sort through the memories. Nelly, 8 years old, does not understand this departure and takes refuge in the surrounding forest. There she meets her own mother at the same age, a “ little mother ” who has become a play partner and above all a confidante. A fantastic time travel that creates the possibility of unexpected sharing.

2 - For the magical realism of Céline Sciamma

His Portrait of the young girl on fire with Adèle Haenel was more ambitious (costumes, sets), and yet Petite Maman has this magic that it seems so simple and yet worked with all the tools of cinema at its disposal. She borrows her enchanted forests from Miyazaki (that of the film is also a place of the director's childhood), places precisely each object, from the trinket in the house to the tree stump, to leave nothing to chance and offer the field free to emotion.

This precision, which earned him to be selected in competition at the Berlin Festival , is also based on a brilliant image montage that loses the viewer between reality and the possibility of a dream where the characters appear and disappear as if by magic. The forest also separates the two units of time by reproducing the same house face to face, separated by a path, just to further confuse the tracks ...

3 - For his not so naive reflection

Under her air of not touching it, Petite Maman asks real questions by putting the two girls on the same level, without any balance of power. Céline Sciamma's new myth encourages self-reflection, as to the possibility of growing up and being consoled without sentimental rivalry.

Because basically, we might as well be inspired by the total commitment of children to become better, in an infinite desire to learn. And who could be purer, deeper and more dependent than a child to cast his frank and united gaze on reality, with his obvious words? A subject that definitely suits the director, after the delicate Tomboy who followed a little boy born in the body of a girl.

In theaters June 2

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