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John Mcenroe

Are you already nostalgic for Roland Garros? We have a solution, the fabulous documentary on John McEnroe, L’empire de la perfection, told by Mathieu Amalric is going to put you back into the swing of things. Four times world champion until 1984, this incredible player, famous for his temper tantrums on the court is an extreme perfectionist. Don’t be afraid to go watch some tennis at the movies, film director Julien Faraut handles the performance with flying colours.

A John Mc Enroe far from the usual clichés

With lots of humour, the documentary goes against a certain number of clichés on McEnroe. A spoiled brat, moody, bad sport and sometimes even violent with journalists: most of the images don’t show us the champion under his best light. If in the 80s, the public impatiently awaited the famous tantrums of the American player on the court, the documentary even goes so far as to consult a psychiatrist to know whether this behaviour was not calculated to destabilize his opponent. How can a man stay concentrated on his game when he is so much on the edge? We will let you discover the answer...

A grand slam feature

A far cry from the tennis you usually watch on TV during Roland Garros or Wimbledon, film director Julien Faraut stuns his audience by digging into the archives going back to 1980, immersing us in the game (even the skin!) of John McEnroe. It’s by using and twisting the images of technical study by film director Gil de Kermadec, featuring the former tennis player, that the documentary retraces the best years (and the best temper scenes) of the famous palyer.

A flash back to the strongest moments in tennis

This documentary makes our heads dive in the most decisive moments of John McEnroe’s life. In 1984, the number 1 player in the world is striving at all costs to maintain his position, but he knows that everyone is out to get him. It’s by feeding off this pressure that the player displays a mental strength that seems to come straight out of a fictional film. Presented as an ultimate duel in the Western vein, the famous Lendl-McEnroe final would create anxiety for the most yogi amongst us. By maintaining a Hitchcock suspense throughout, Julien Faraut manages to transform a superb tennis match into a mesmerizing moment of cinema. You cannot remember who won this match? One more reason to go see this film!

L'empire de la perfection.

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