Fast and Good: the series for food addicts

Fast And Good

Parisian twigs, on the lookout for healthy healthy know it better than anyone : today fast-food no longer means bad foor. The buzzing trend in terms of eating on the run? The fast good. Translation : the art of eating quickly and healthily. On the run ok, but let’s not forget taste and quality. Nor spending a wad.

Incubated by Arte in collaboration with La Blogothèque and the Fulgurances label (the super cool residence restaurant in the 11th), the documentary web series Fast and Good decrypts the phenomenon incarnated all over the world by a string of young talented chefs surdoués. Is your mouth watering ?

The recipe (for success)

7 ultra short clip-style episodes (5 minutes flat, barely enough time to wolf down your local food burger). The result : a resolutely fast (and furious) tone that enables to look at a wide array of issues in record time (the change of mentalities, the tracability of products, the quest for originality vs the research of simplicity or the question of profitability: how to cook good things for lots of people). Dense but surprisingly digest.

A high-end casting that will make titillate the taste buds of all the real foodies

From London to Copenhagen, the top tier of street food is on deck: Kobe Desramaults (La Supérette, Gand), Mark Rosati (Shake Shack, New York), James Lowes (Lyle’s, Londres), Danny Bowen (Mission Chinese, New York)…

And what about Paris ? Total pride ! With Bertrand Grebaut (Septime), Gregory Marchand (Frenchie To Go) Victor Lugger (Big Mamma) or Delphine Zampetti (Chez Aline), the Parisian scene can be proud of its representatives. Common denominator? They are shunning star-studded tables (too much pressure, not enough freedom) for more independence and proximity with the clients.


This mini-series is th perfect occasion to spot your culinary targets : the wild tacos of Hija de Sanchez in Copenhagen, the revisited kebabs of Lee Tiernan in London (Black Axe Mangal) or, more accessible, the yummy and earthy sandwiches of Delphine Zampetti (Chez Aline) approved byAlain Ducasse.


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