Cinema time with Air and Marianne Faithfull

Se Taper Une Toile Avec Air Et Marianne Faithfull

Now that the Cannes film festival has just finished, the Popcorn Project festival is picking up the relay from Wednesday 4 th to Friday 13th of June in Paris.

For those who don’t know about it yet, this dynamic collective regularly organizes cult film projections followed by cool cocktail venues.

This time the rules of the game have changed a bit since carte blanche was given to VIP guests for the programming of the four not-to-be-missed evenings. Each film will be presented by Rob Milazzo, figurehead of New York films, before the actual projection and a chic drink  combined with a discussion in the company of a guest star (AIR, Marianne Faithfull...) each day.

Dates to be noted:

On June 4th, Nicolas Godin (Groupe AIR) has programmed "Duel" by Spielberg.

On June 6th, the famous sketcher Marjane Satrapi has chosen to run the cult film The Chase with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.

On June 10th Bertrand Tavernier will present and comment  Vaudou, the horror masterpiece of Jacques Tourneur.

As a curtain dropper, on June 13th, Marianne Faithfull will end the programme with her heart-throb, "Sur les quais", a cult thriller signed Kazan avec Marlon Brando.

Ticketing has opened, so quickly reserve your seat on the Popcorn Project site.

Popcorn Project Festival, 4 to 13 June, from 8pm to midnight.

19 €, reservations on line.

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Where to find it?

Club de l’Etoile

14 Rue Troyon

75017 Paris

01 43 80 42 05

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