Where to go for a crazy strawberry pie?

The list of the best strawberry tarts in Paris

Plougastel , mara , gariguettes ... The strawberry season is officially declared open! The best pastry chefs have a blast and heckle the star fruit of spring like no other. Tour of the best strawberry tarts in Paris .


Woodland mara and whipped cream pie (Allègresses) in Paris

Shortbreads Fiona Leluc should be reimbursed by the secu. We no longer present Bontemps , the pastry shop in the heart of the Marais which signs the best pies in Paris .

His latest creation which made the buzz on the networks, the Paris-Splendeur , is composed of gariguettes, mousseline and crispy pistachio from Iran, whipped cream with orange blossom . A splendor to be devoured urgently.

57 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris

Tarte mara des bois et à la crème chantilly ( Allègresses) à Paris

La Tapisserie

At La Tapisserie , the more than perfect pastry shop launched by Bertrand Grébaut with the Septime team, everything is too good, from sourcing to production. The proof that it is in simplicity that we find the ultimate refinement.

Depending on the slate of the day: 2 options. A pastry that thoroughly plays the Proust madeleine in charlotte mode with a shortbread base, soaked boudoir, vanilla cream, strawberry jelly and fresh candies. Another option with a base of almonds, strawberries and verbena (€ 6.80 per individual tart).

65 rue de Charonne, Paris 11th

Cédric Grolet at the Pâtisserie du Meurice







Strawberry tarts sculpted by Cédric Grolet in Paris







© Calvin Courjon

Cédric Grolet , aka the best pastry chef in the world, struck again this spring at the Meurice pastry shop with poetry made from a tart: puff pastry dough, almond cream, vanilla cream, strawberries and jam. In short, great art (25 € for 2).

6 rue de Castiglione, Paris 1er

When he brings his strawberry back to his shop at Opéra , it is with a diamond shortbread pastry with sugar, melting almond cream, candied strawberries, strawberry confit, vanilla diplomat cream, ciflorette strawberries (2/3 person: 44 €).

35 avenue de l'Opéra, Paris 2nd

Yann Couvreur

The strawberry tart with an almond cream baked with strawberries, a basil cream, fresh strawberries and a touch of pep with the dwarf basil.

Thursday is strawberry ”, Yann Couvreur launches on his Insta account to announce the strawberry pie season from May 6 in its gourmet settings in Parmentier and rue des Rosiers . It must be said that his pies are a masterpiece with an almond cream cooked with strawberries, a creamy basil, fresh strawberries and a touch of pep with dwarf basil. Irresistible (2/3 people: 16 €).

Available from Thursday on yann couverture.com.

23 bis rue des Rosiers, Paris 4th - 25 rue Legendre, Paris 17th - 137 avenue Parmentier, Paris 10th


The Noglu strawberry tart with a mix of organic French strawberries, shortcrust pastry and light vanilla cream

The popesse of gluten free couture in Paris, aka Frédérique Jules , signs the perfect mix between “ the grandeur of French pastry and the nutritional aspects of Californian cuisine ” by revisiting the dough with a mix of organic French strawberries, shortbread and cream light vanilla (individual tart: € 5.50).

Available on noglu.fr.

15 rue Basfroi, Paris 11th

© Akiko Ida

Kevin Lacote

Kevin Lacote's strawberry tart with an almond cookie on a strawberry confit with basil, mascarpone and fresh strawberries.

The best pastry in the 17th arrondissement, it is obviously at Kevin Lacote that it happens with a Bella Fresa to die for, which combines an almond biscuit on a strawberry confit with basil, mascarpone and fresh strawberries. A slaughter (tart: € 6.50).

Bella Fresa available on klpatisserie.com.

78 Avenue de Villiers, Paris 17th

Francois Perret


The Ritz's sweet chef is preparing to open the Comptoir du Ritz on June 9, the first perennial pastry shop located in the heart of the iconic palace on Place Vendôme where gourmet Parisians can come and stock up (or taste on site) from June 9 the creations of the Netflix food star of The Chef in a truck .

With François Perret , strawberries are necessarily tasted with cream. He thus imagined this superb tart with divinely aromatic ciflorettes grown in open ground in Vaucluse , a topping of strawberry-basil juice… And in the center: an Etrez cream based on Bresse PDO cream. Without a doubt, the ultimate summer pastry! (2 people: 24 €).

38 rue Cambon, Paris 1st

© Bernhard Winkelmann

Cyril Lignac

#GourmandCroquan t alert! The duo Benoît Couvrant and the cathodic star do nothing in their quest for modesty and excellence by example. As evidenced by their strawberry tart which will be released on May 6 in the Parisian pastry shops of Cyril : sweet pastry, almond cream, pistachio praline, strawberry compote, light vanilla cream and fresh strawberries (€ 7 per individual tart).

A tip: book in click & collect to be sure to lick it!

24 Rue Paul Bert, Paris 11th - 133 Rue de Sèvres, Paris 6th - 55 Boulevard Pasteur, 15th - 2 Rue de Chaillot, Paris 16th - 9 Rue Bayen, Paris 17th - 25 Rue Chanzy, Paris 11th

Sebastien gaudard

Strawberry trays. The best you have ever tasted. Les petits madeleines de Proust is one of the passions of Sébastien Gaudard, pastry genius, who brilliantly interprets a 4-hour classic. Simply sublime.

€ 5.70 per tray

Sébastien Gaudard , 1 rue des Pyramides, 75001 Paris, 01 71 18 24 70 and 22 rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris, 01 71 18 24 70

Hugo & Victor

Des gariguettes avec un crémeux au citron vert et à l’amande à Paris

Hugues Pouget is not kidding with fruit. He only uses the best, it is even the hallmark of his haute patisserie. Strawberries, he cooks couture. In this case, gariguettes with a lemon, lime and almond cream, offered as an individual piece of pie. Simply extra!

Price: the individual portion: € 7.20. For 4 people 39 € .

Hugo & Victor , 40 boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris, 01 44 39 97 73


Tarte aux fraises avec une pâte sablée à la crème d’amande à Paris

If the collective unconscious of the strawberry pie had to be summed up in a cake, it would be this pie. To bite into it is to embrace spring: a shortbread dough with almond cream and fresh, seasoned flavors ... Life.

Strawberry tart for 6 people, € 51

Find all the Lenôtre boutiques in Paris on www.lenotre.fr

Also discover the best pastry courses in Paris and the little bistro in the 17th district that everyone is talking about .

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