Your invitation for a lunch at Cheval Blanc Paris

Rossano Ferretti

This is the most chic and foodie new rendezvous of the season! Going through the Cheval Blanc gate and settling down at the bar or in the sofas of LIMBAR is the ultimate must-go of the real stylish Parisian ...

Always ready to bring exceptional experiences to life, Do It In Paris has teamed up with Cheval Blanc Paris to invite two readers for the most prominent lunch in the capital ...

The favorite meeting place for chic Parisiennes

We dreamed of it: entering the luxury hotel Quai du Louvre and curling up in the sofas of the LIMBAR, between two fashion editors, a bankable actress and the personalities of the luxury houses of the district ...

Designed as the new favorite spot for chic Parisiennes, this socialite address is above all the promise of testing the new best-sellers of Maxime Frédéric , the house's pastry chef of excellence.

Much more than a pastry shop or a tea room, the chef offers extraordinary bakery cuisine that is both gourmet and light, which should appeal to foodies and twigs ... Starting with the signature baguette of the house or the wonderful breads naturally without homemade gluten (corn, buckwheat, etc.).

On the program of delicacies

Hand in hand with 3-star chef Arnaud Donckele , Maxime Frédéric has imagined the Parisienne's fantasized menu: haute couture béchamel croissant , garden salad (green beans, fresh almonds and cherry vinaigrette), fresh velvety soup of zucchini flowers and salad small spelled, vol-au-vent , fine tart with seasonal tomatoes, to accompany with an exquisite lemonade, a specialty coffee or a glass of champagne.

The icing on the cake: Maxime's sweet creations that take you to heaven, like the best profiteroles of your life or exquisite roasted peaches with a meringue.

© Romeo Balancourt

How to get his invitation?

Play fast to win this extraordinary haute couture lunch for two.

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