Croque-Monsieur with truffles !

Croque Monsieur With Truffles, Poilâne bread, Comté and ham

Here is a bluffing recipe for kitchen dummies that will cost them just a few euros... so whip up an upscale croque-monsieur sandwich that will surely impress the man in your life using just a small jar of truffle breakings (count 20€) to pick up in fine grocery stores (Maison de la Truffe, Labeyrie, Julhès as well as on


Butter a slice of bread and generously spread with truffle breakings. Then pile up thin slices of comté cheese + a slice of thinly sliced ham. Cover up with a slice of buttered bread.

Here is how to prepare your 4 croque-monsieur sandwiches.

Heat a nut of butter in a pan.

Cook the croque-monsieurs 2 by 2 on an average flame (about 3 min on each side), until both sides are nice and golden with cheese well melted.

Then delicately cut each croque-monsieur in two.

Serve on a plate with a small salad. To be enjoyed preferably with a bottle of bubbles!


Also discover the pasta with truffles from Ober Mamma et the Welsh Rarebit, a cheesy Brit' specialty.

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Ingredients for 2 persons

1 jar of 12,5g of truffle breakings

8 slices of Poilâne bread

200 g of Comté cheese cut in slivers

4 slices of finely cut ham

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