Welsh Rarebit, a cheesy Brit’ specialty

Welsh Rarebit, a cheesy Brit’ specialty

Welsh Rarebit? It’s the equivalent of the croque-madame for the Welsh. This super caloric UFO  made with cheddar cheese, bread, beer and eggs, is a British killer that you need to have tested once in your life.

For 4 persons

• Preparation: 15 min

• Cooking: 25 min

Slightly toast the bread slices.

Grease 4 small cassolettes and place the bread slices inside.

Spread with mustard.

Cut the ham slices in two, pile up on the bread to as to cover the surface.

Chisel the chives.

Cut the cheddar into small pieces, place in a pan, melt on a low flame with the beer and the Worcestershire sauce, stirring constantly.

As soon as the mixture is smooth, divide in the cassolettes.

Place the cassolettes under the grill for 8 to 10 min until the cheese begins to look golden.

Meanwhile, cook a fried egg.

Place an egg on each cassolette, salt slightly, pepper and sprinkle with chives.

Les recettes de mon caddie ® by Julie Soucail Ed. Tana 12,95 €.


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In the Caddie®

• 4 slices of bread

• 4 thin slices of ham

• 8 twigs of chives

• 220 g de cheddar

• 10 cl of dark beer

• 1 tablespoon of sauce


• 4 eggs

In the cupboard

• ½ tablespoon of neutral oil

• 2 tablespoons of strong mustard

• Salt, pepper mill

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