Directly from Parisian Chinatown

In The Mood For Love Chinatown

Get ready for a 3h high Olympiades … as though you were in Shangai! Start with challenging a friend for a ping-pong game? Yes, yes… Because for those that did not know it: table tennis, is the passion, even the national sport of the Chinese—even the most trendy…

Then go stroll in a very picturesque market to pick up some extra savory exotic fruit before a « street-food » STOP to taste yummy sweet-salty pastries. Yummy !

We adore: the passage in a temple to pay homage to Buddha and encoutner 3 sages you will never forget.

Tops also: an initiation to calligraphy and major resourcing during a Qi Qong session worthy of the trendiest healthy girls.

We also like: the Jet Lag Rio to sip Caïpi and feel as though we were on the beaches of Copacabana.

Far-flung sensations guaranteed in 3h without leaving Paris. Get your tickets asap

Jet Lag Paris. 28€. All the info here

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