What is Eiffel, the crazy love story with Romain Duris and Emma Mackey worth?

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What if Gustave Eiffel had built his A-shaped tower as a declaration to Adrienne, the impossible love of his life? It is on the basis of this romantic hypothesis that Martin Bourboulon ( Papa et Maman ) took in hand the crazy project of the French film of the year. Mark your calendars: Eiffel will be launched in theaters on October 13, and it's a spectacular film worthy of Titanic , sorry, a must-see at the cinema.

Romeo & Juliet made in Paris

A visionary engineer, the secret Gustave Eiffel is obsessed with the Parisian metro project and refuses that of a high iron tower proposed by his team. Now a widower, he crosses the path of his fallen love of youth, who in the meantime became the wife of an influential journalist. Eager to win it back, he finally accepted the huge project with the ambition of making it the new star monument of the 1889 Universal Exhibition , supported by his daughter and his loyal employees.

Between business of big money and political strategy, the memories of youth of the two lovers resurface to the test of the enormous misunderstanding that will have separated them. Is it too late for passion when the stakes get too high?

Romain Duris & Emma Mackey: an electric pair

Martin Bourboulon's good idea was to bring together two instinctive forces on the screen. Romain Duris on the one hand, who in his own words is “ a 19th century Steve Jobs with ideas bigger than himself ”, with his legendary romanticism and a certain talent for wearing period costume while remaining sexy.

Opposite, the young recruit Emma Mackey , widely noticed in the Netflix Sex Education series , radiates mischief in the boots of a rebellious and entire provincial bourgeoisie, a bit capricious but madly endearing.

Impressive special effects

It is a real spectacle that the technical teams of Eiffel deliver, so much the mythical tower takes the place of a gigantic central character. It took the talents of the production designer Stéphane Taillasson to reconstruct the Paris of the time, the digital visual effects (and magic?) Of Olivier Cauwet, used to the exercise for having worked on the latest version of Blade Runner 2049 , but also the foundations of the tower built on a full scale to reflect the pharaonic scope of the work.

This tower, we climb, we work on it, we admire it, we dream it, we embrace it and we meditate on it… like today.

There is no doubt that Martin Bourboulon has just passed a milestone in his filmography, moving from comedy to period film, he who is also in the middle of shooting his next big budget film The Three Musketeers: Milady with François Civil , Vincent Cassel , Romain Duris again and Eva Green ...

Eiffel, in theaters October 13. Take part in our competition to win 2 tickets for the exceptional screening of the film live from the Eiffel Tower.


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