The most stylish escape game in Paris

Coca Cola Escape Game at he Palais de Tokyo in Paris

It’s the must-live experience this summer… With the Palais de Tokyo currently under renovation, the teams have spotted a chest that might belong to Georges Delcroix, 1st Coca-Cola importer in France in 1918.

The only problem is that, 100 years later, nobody seems to be able to open it. As proof: a special eyelet is placed at the entrance of the game to observe teams trying to pry open the chest without ever succeeding.

Your mission: help them to open the mysterious chest with the A team you will have put together.

An immersion in the underground of Palais de Tokyo

Your equipment for the adventure: a smartphone with a spatial-time shell, a notebook with archive photos, a torch lamp, a “black light” lamp and a satchel.

Purpose of the game? Finding the 3 Coca-Cola capsules hidden in the different rooms in order to open the chest.

A Sherlock Holmes universe

You are about to depart on a 1h30 voyage through different eras! From 1936 to 2019, you will skip from enigma to enigma during a scenography studied in the slightest details. Just rummage in all the corners.

A futuristic smartphone lent at the beginning of the expedition sends alerts, coded messages and clues to give some excitement to the intrigue and help participants all along the game… leading to the treasure at the arrival. We promise, it’s a nice surprise!

Tops! The escape game is also offered in an English version.

How to go there? Careful, this is not the usual entrance of Palais de Tokyo. It’s hidden behind a grating at the angle of the street, almost across from the bistro Les Marches, at the level of the street-art fresco.

Starting at €90, between 3 and 5 players beginning at 9 years old. Until the 30th of September 2019. Open Monday to Sunday between 10am and 10pm. Online reservations :

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