FaceKult: the studio for express care that lift without a scalpel

Facekult Soin Visage

Stretched lines, fine lines, marked dark circles, lack of radiance… Your face comes out of this new confinement crestfallen? Meet at FaceKult , the new address in the Sentier for a complete facial training of 30 to 60 minutes according to your availability. The result is a real baby face with smooth, clean and visibly plumped skin.

The new fitness studio dedicated to the face

The face is like the buttocks: it builds up! Launched at the start of the year, the French brand FaceKult is revolutionizing the purring world of facial skincare through an original approach inspired by sport.

The principle ? Combine natural, vegan and made in France products with a program of gestures intended to stimulate all the facial muscles to obtain maximum results, all at affordable prices . Result: no luxurious single cabin. Located in the Sentier , the studio opens onto a Californian-style boutique bar. Treatments take place upstairs, in one of the barber-type armchairs, lined up as at the hairdresser. The session will begin.

A personalized treatment lasting 30 to 60 minutes

The facial gym takes place, like a sports session, in 3 stages: a deep cleansing with warm-up maneuvers that relax areas of tightness and relax the features, the workout with application of the serum to strengthen the muscles and tone the muscles. facial contours , and finally stretching to stretch and smooth the features using a shaping balm. All adapted to the nature of your skin and the shape of your face thanks to a preliminary assessment.

Most ? The possibility of supplementing the program with a flash oxygenation of the skin by infusion of hyaluronic acid (15 minutes, without needle): guaranteed fresh complexion. Another option is to use a rose quartz roll-on for a smoothing and soothing effect.

Note that, for the face too, only regularity allows results to be registered over time. That's good, FaceKult offers exercises to do at home and a subscription to benefit from declining prices. It's your turn.

Signature FaceKult treatment 30 minutes, from € 59.

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