The big comeback of the family Sunday lunch

The sundau lunch

Forget brunch… And hurray for the traditional Sunday lunch. A new phenomenon? It’s more like “going back to the roots”, explains Eric Fréchon, 3-star chef at the Bristol, at the apex of his glory.

The famous chef makes no bones about it, he is clearly going all out to bring back to the table this moment of conviviality, where family and friends gather “around the mythical grandmother dishes” of French cuisine.

And when the great Fréchon decides to make his ideas concrete and delight his darling Parisians, we all clap!

Every Sunday, the chef will be featuring on the menu of Lazare, his super chic and contemporary train station bistro, a terrific Sunday special: grandmother lunches. Begin the meal with appetizers to share such as the céleri rémoulade with green apple, or a green bean salad, yummy…).

The best is yet to come: a single comfort food dish in traditional mode lands on the table in a big pot to be shared according to whim and season: roasted leg of lamb with garlic and thyme, gratin dauphinois of potatoes, an old fashioned veal stew or an amazing free range chicken with braised onions and small potatoes with gravy.

The final sweet touch: hard to decide between the chocolate mousse or mirabelles plums panned with verbena. Incredible.

We like an ultimate experience with a group of buddies, your latest flame or the family as the perfect remedy against the Sunday blues …

The grandmother lunch every Sunday: 39€ at Lazare.

© Corinne Jamet

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