Hôtel les Jardins du Faubourg: the HQ of beautiful people

 The 5-star hotel Les Jardins du Faubourg squatter by Nicolas Duvauchelle, Isabelle Adjani and even Shaggy

Heads up: magical place. Just behind the Élysée and the Louboutin Saint-Honoré boutique (irresistible shop-op), the brand new 5 star Les Jardins du Faubourg Hotel is already attracting the beautiful people. Fashion editors from Vanity Fair and Vogue have made it their lunch cafeteria, while Nicolas Duvauchelle, Isabelle Adjani and even Shaggy come sit on the hidden terrace at happy hour.

A stunning decor

This resolutely deluxe Parisian hotel is hidden in a former incredible private mansion that used to belonging to the Maréchal d'Aguesseauon the eponymous street. Three years of renovations were required to make the Jardins du Faubourg into a perfection of architecture between a chic and contemporary classic.

At the helm, the duo Arnaud Behzadi and Vincent Bastie— le Grand Powers, that’s them— strived to respect the bourgeois Haussmannian style (grand staircase, entrance lobby) while conveying a very contemporary touch. As testified by the new next door building, on the other side of the landscaped garden, whose mirror walls are covered with scented jasmine.

Sitting down at the table !

The terrace of the restaurant La Régalade du Faubourg chef Bruno Doucet

For a refreshing lunch or a romantic dinner, whether or not you are a client of the hotel, it would be too bad not to take advantage of the lush terrace. The restaurant La Régalade du Faubourg is the third Parisian address of chef Bruno Doucet, king of Parisian bistronomy.

Risotto with shrimp, marinated salmon, small raviolis of vegetables, pork belly and rice pudding are to be washed down with a fresh Spritz or a glass of Chablis for an Indian summer under the trees and far from the traffic frenzy (menu started-dish-dessert €45).

“Hey darling, how about a romantic  weekend ?”

Decoration of a room of the hotel Les Jardins du Faubourg

In terms of the bedrooms, it’s ecstasy at every level. Each one of these love nests with high ceilings and super comfy beds incarnate the fantasized Parisian apartment with customized furniture, wall-paneling, velvets, parquets, mouldings and fireplaces. Special kudos for the hallucinating bathrooms with incredible marble bathtubs, two-tone tiling, Codage products and even a private hammam for one of them.

Ultimate luxury, all the products of the minibar are complementary, a “normal” amenity for the director who wishes that each client feel just like at home. And frankly, we would have no problem living their year-round ...

A dream spa

The Spa of the hotel Les Jardins du Faubourg

As though the fulfillment felt in the rooms was not enough, the lower level of the hotel shelters an exceptional spa where one gains access through an amazing staircase with Chanel-style mirrors, a homage to the mythical address on the nearby Rue Cambon. Downstairs, the personalized treatments signed Olivier Lecocq such as the anti jet-lag massage are very tempting.

Sport buffs will also be delighted to come worked in the handsome fitness room and admire its vegetal wall. But it’s facing the large pool that the charm operates, before a detox session in sauna or the hammam, before slipping back in a fluffy bathroom and going back to your room for a little nap. What a life…

Starting off rate: 575 €.

©Yvan Moreau
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