L’ Atelier BioT: the organic hairdresser of the stars

Atelier Biot

The green craze does not have the monopoly of Californians. Proof? All the green and stylish Parisians are making a beeline for the furiously glamour vegan hair salon of Christophe-Nicolas Biot, hair dresser of the stars, conceived lika a slow-life salon... A dream come true.

Nestled at the heart of the ultra trendy galerie Vivienne, this place, inspired by old-fashioned apothecaries, twists with allure the codes of the New York in the Parisian spirit with waxed concrete, old glass jars and wood panelling…

A real avant-garde researcher of vegetalism, Christophe Nicolas Biot imagined in collaboration with the Rolls Royce of vegetal coloration, Botanic Color, a solution that enables to obtain amazing, luminous and subtle results. The nec plus ultra for sophisticated Parisiennes.

After a 100% personalized 15-minute diagnosis, they put together just for you a 100% natural and vegetal colour that avoids ruining your hair and plying your system with all sorts of toxins.

Obviously, the application takes a little more time than usual—a perfect occasion to sleep, meditate… or work. The absolutely superb salon features wifi, usb plugs, tables and desks to work or quietly watch TV series.

After a 100% personalized diagnosis of 15 minutes, a special 100% natural and vegetal colouration is prepared just for you so that you can regain fabulous hair texture while avoiding toxins.

We like: the 100% vegetal eyebrow bar to enhance the vegan beauty experience thanks to a cotton thread, an ancestral hair removing technique that reduces growth …


Open Wednesday to Saturday by appointment.

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