The Grand Bazaar: a new “Don't do this, don't do that”

Le Grand Bazar Serie

Are you addicted to family sagas? The Grand Bazaar , broadcast on M6 from June 25, should do the job. At the origin of Fais pas ci, faire pas ça , Michel Leclerc does it again with a mini-series around a mixed and blended family, with the complicity of his wife Baya Kasmi .

The talent of the couple of real 'is no longer to demonstrate: The Name of the People (César for best original screenplay in 2011) or more recently La Lutte des Classes, it's them . So, verdict?


Extrait de la série avec Nailia Harzoune et Frédéric Siuen

Samia and Nicolas (Gabriel Sarda in Dix pour Cent ) have everything to be happy. They love each other and have just had a baby. It is moreover this newborn who introduces us to his family ( Ramzy's voiceover ), whom he discovers at the same time as us.

She is a lawyer and already the mother of a young boy. He is a midwife ( midwife, editor's note ) and has two daughters from a first marriage. Now, they form a blended family : the Rousseau-Bensaid .

When “the others” get involved

Only, it is not that simple. Around them gravitate invasive ex-spouses , intrusive grandparents but also brothers, sisters and friends who will complicate their peaceful daily life. A big bazaar, what?

First dilemma that emerges: the choice of the baby's first name. For Samia's parents, he must be Arab. Zacharie, that's nice, but that doesn't please Nico's mother who is going to implement a plan to dissuade them, without suspecting that this will lead to terrible revelations… #spoileralert

This is where the mess begins: Nicolas' father, camped by the brilliant François Levantal ( La Haine , Braquo ) admits to having cheated on his mother with a singer named Zacharie, but also with a certain Mick (Jagger, nothing less! ). In short, how to satisfy everyone when there are only three days left to find a first name?

With each episode, its new problem. Should the child be circumcised? Should the 8 year old overweight girl go on a diet? Can Nicolas be a perfect dad by staying at home, like Swedish dads? So many social subjects tackled, sometimes without getting too wet, but always with humor and kindness by endearing characters .


Special mention for the cast. Clearly, the series is by scope the Samia / Nicolas duo, talented and ultra-natural as parents on all fronts. Rewarded with the prize for best actor at the Séries Mania Festival , Grégory Montel , ex-Parisian star agent in Dix pour Cent , sets himself up as a touching dad as we like them. For her part, Nailia Harzoune ( Patients ) shines in her role as a mother who suits her perfectly.


We will not write you the article of a hairy or addictive series. But rather six episodes resolutely feel good and in tune with the times, perfect for spending a good evening on TV with the family or alone.

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Le Grand Bazar, season 1 June 25 at 9:05 p.m. on M6

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