The right arguments to convince and seduce at work

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Are you fascinated by the “ tricks ” of magicians? You are not the only one ! To convince, dazzle or motivate an audience, the biggest bosses, from Steve Jobs to Barack Obama via Warren Buffet , have worked on the techniques of magic, this discipline at the crossroads of science and intuition.

In his book Your Attention Please , the great American magician David Kwong reveals the secrets of the art of illusion to apply on a daily basis to put everyone in his pocket. Unearth the magician who lies dormant in you! 5 arguments to captivate and convince (and have everything you want in life).

Always be one step ahead

If a magician is able to take any document out of his hat (marriage contract, check, Post-it® , theater poster, bank statements, etc.), it is because he is perfectly prepared for to be one step ahead of the demands of its audience.

Like him, prepare your speeches and investigate your interlocutors beforehand to ensure that your audience is satisfied and wowed. For illusionists, this method is called the Load up . It is perfectly effective in the world of business, sport, politics and even ... the kitchen: you will notice for example that the best candidates of Top chef are those who meticulously prepare their implementation (the selection and the organization of ingredients and utensils before the start of the event) in order to be able to anticipate others and give the impression of an almost magical result!

Control everything you show

Like the models who refuse to reveal their beauty secrets or the greatest entrepreneurs who remain silent on the “ tips ” of their success, ignore the little tips that allow you to shine. To do this, keep this sentence in mind: you control everything you reveal. Kim Kardashian refuses to reveal the magic recipe for her plump buttocks? This well-kept mystery allows him to exhibit a butt that has become the most famous on the planet! Spent the whole weekend working on a presentation and want to sound like a genius to your boss? Keep quiet about how much effort this job has taken you or minimize the number of hours you spent there to plug it up!

Flatter, flatter!

What could be better than to shine the boots (intelligently) to your interlocutor to raise his esteem? So that your spectators (be it your kids, your boyfriend, your boss or your work team) put you on a pedestal, make them feel unique! Like a magician who makes a child intervene in his turn to make him believe that he holds the power, do not hesitate to make your children give birth ” to your reasoning on, for example, the usefulness of work at school. . In the form of a quiz like: “ Do you prefer to have a job or not later? ”/“ Do you think your hero Thomas Pesquet went to school? ”/“ In your opinion, were cartoonists first or last in their class? ”, Gently bring him to your conclusion (ie: yes, you have to work to succeed), he will think he has found it on his own!

Drown the fish to make up your weaknesses

Because nature (and therefore the brain) abhors a vacuum, it is always better to fill than to leave blanks. Do you want to impress or even amaze your audience? Put the package on topics that fascinate you. If you're unfamiliar with a topic, don't hold out the baton to get beaten up and divert the conversation to things you know like the back of your hand to send it heavy. Your mother-in-law asks you about your best recipes but you are unable to cook yourself an egg? Explain to her what the new slow-food fashion consists of, this art of taking your time while eating, and she will remember you that you are on top of the trends! In short, whether it is to impress your children, your Tinder date or your boss, take the reflex to make up your weaknesses with your strengths.

Privilege the unprecedented

Because humans love novelty (everyone remembers their first day of school, their first kiss, their first time ...), your audience will remember what you present to them much better if you do proof of novelty. Skeptical? An American study that showed babies a magic trick (a bullet that passed through a solid wall) shows that children learn more easily when faced with events that defy their initial expectations.

The same for you: the more you surprise your interlocutor, the more lasting the impression they will have of you. Are you going for a job interview? Think outside the box by exposing your motivation and prepare a “ trick ” to impress your future employer so that he remembers you: show him a hidden talent, use humor, explain to him why such a book / film / play changed your life ...

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