Our Top Picks for the Best Galettes des rois

© Shangri-La Paris - Laurent Fau and Babka Zana - Géraldine Martens

Looking for the perfect traditional king cake, an artisanal king brioche, or a luxurious version? We've curated our best-of list of king cakes to order promptly for Epiphany on January 6th. It's time to make your choice!



the most chic : the ritz

François Perret never disappoints! This year, the Ritz's king cake delves into craftsmanship and tradition. Beyond being a small perfection in the mouth, the cake holds golden charms, which only a few lucky ones will have the chance to discover. Up for grabs are: an English tea at Bar Vendôme for two people, breakfast with François Perret himself, or even a cooking class at the Ritz Escoffier School. Nice, isn't it?

Its composition: a reverse puff pastry with Etrez butter, almond frangipane, macaroon filling, and toasted sliced almonds on top.

The Ritz Paris cake. Available for click & collect at Ritz Paris Le Comptoir from January 1st to January 28th, 2024, serving 6 to 8 people, priced at €69.


The Most Indulgent: Ladurée

This year, Executive Chef Julien Alvarez of Ladurée presents a king cake that could almost be mistaken for a pecan pie. Composed of Ladurée's signature blend, Vanilla Pecan, it's simply irresistible!

Composition: Vanilla Pecan on a base of puff pastry surrounded by a shortbread crust, hiding an almond pecan cream with the fragrance of roasted vanilla, hints of caramel, spiced milk jam, and muscovado sugar. The bean, of course, is in the shape of a macaron.

La Galette Signature de Ladurée. For 6 people, €48. Available from January 1st to 31st in Ladurée boutiques and on ladurée.fr.

© Ladurée - Pierre Monetta


The Levantine Delight: Babka Zana

For their 2024 king cake, Sarah and Emmanuel Murat, the founders of Babka Zana, showcase the precious Iranian pistachio—a treasure of Levantine countries. A delightful cake that maintains the essence of the traditional king cake while featuring Babka Zana's famous brioche.

Composition: Pistachio ganache (white chocolate, pistachio paste, and fleur de sel) and pistachio frangipane for the filling. The braided puff pastry is adorned with caramelized whole pistachios and fleur de sel.

Babka des Rois, Iranian Pistachio and Fleur de Sel. Limited edition, starting January 2, 2024. In Condorcet, Place des Vosges boutiques, and at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet. For 6/8 people, €42.

© Babka Zana - Géraldine Martens


The Most Visual: The French Bastards

Celebrating their 5th anniversary in early January, The French Bastards team decided to highlight one of their flagship products—the chocolate croissant—in their 5th king cake. The cake is filled with mini chocolate croissants, a delight for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Composition: Simple yet effective: buttery puff pastry, almond cream frangipane, and Gianduja milk chocolate sticks.

5th Anniversary King Cake by The French Bastards. For sale on January 5, 6, and 7, 2024. Limited edition of 500 copies. For 6/8 people, €55.

© The French Bastards - @lephotographedudimanche


The Most Comforting: Four Seasons Hotel George V

This year, palace baker Chef Guillaume Cabrol presents a king cake inspired by his iconic apple turnover. Featuring all the notes and flavors of this creation, including the delicate Queen of the Reinettes apple and the buttery croissant pastry. A delight! The chef's recommendation? Serve it warm.

Composition: Croissant pastry filled with Queen of the Reinettes apples, almond frangipane with Valencia almonds and Tonka bean. Each bean is unique and handcrafted by ceramic artist Olivia Pellerin.

Four Seasons Hotel George V King Cake. For 6/8 people, €75. Available for takeaway from December 26 to January 7, 2024.


The Most Fragrant: Claire Heitzler

Claire Heitzler's key ingredient for her king cake is yuzu! The citrus fruit enhances the frangipane with roasted almonds. Special mention for the beautifully golden puff pastry that envelops the cake.

Composition: Puff pastry, roasted almond frangipane, and pieces of candied yuzu.

Claire Heitzler, Frangipane and Yuzu King Cake. For 6 people, €46. Available from January 1st for click and collect  or delivery in Paris and the Paris region (€13).

© Philippe Vaurès Santamaria 


The Most Surprising: Shangri-La

Shangri-La and Chef Maxence Barbot blend tradition and surprise with their king cake dressed in croissant pastry. In addition to the frangipane, a delightful praline, creamy caramel, and hazelnut paste complete this composition.

Composition: Croissant pastry, frangipane, praline, caramel, and hazelnut paste.

Shangri-La, for 6 people, €72. Available for pickup at the La Bauhinia restaurant from January 1st, by calling 01 53 67 19 91, emailing labauhinia.slpr@shangri-la.com, or on the website. Reservations must be made at least 72 hours in advance.

© Shangri-La Paris - Laurent Fau


The Most Brioche-Like: Lenôtre

Crunchy and soft, Lenôtre's Signature Étoile de Menton king cake introduces the emblematic brioche of the Provencal town. The brioche disc is generously soaked in cedrat syrup, just like the frangipane. A delight that evokes the flavors of Provence.

Composition: Puff pastry, almond and cedrat frangipane, brioche and cedrat syrup.

Lenôtre, Signature Étoile de Menton King Cake. For 6 people, €59. Available in Lenôtre boutiques from January 2 and already available for click and collect.

© Lenôtre


The Most Natural: Nina Métayer

Voted the world's best pastry chef this year, Nina Métayer crafts a king cake that could be exhibited in a museum. L'Envole, adorned with a bird in tile picking a few seeds, conceals a bean representing a nativity character.

Composition: Butter puff pastry, almond frangipane with buckwheat, flaxseed, millet, squash, and sunflower seeds. Topped with a small bird made of caramelized tile.

L’Envole by Nina Métayer, for 4/6 people €32 and 6/8 people €39. Available from January 5, online pre-orders strongly recommended.

© Nina Métayer - Mathieu Salome


The Girl Power Favorite: Philippe Conticini

Chef Philippe Conticini collaborated with Les Éclaireuses this year to offer a queen's cake! Rather unique, and ultimately why not, a very Instagrammable icing forms beautiful spiral patterns—a true gem.

Composition: Butter puff pastry and its heart, hazelnut frangipane, and Gianduja disc.

Queen's Cake, for 6/8 people €46. Available in Philippe Conticini boutiques from January 1st.

© Philippe Conticini


The Most Classic: Benoît Castel

Not a fan of deconstructed or chocolate-revisited king cakes? Then we recommend Benoît Castel's classic and buttery king cake. Golden and crispy, it's up to you to taste it.

Composition: Puff pastry, almond and Madagascar vanilla frangipane.

Benoît Castel King Cake, Individual €4.50, for 4-6 people €29, for 6-8 people €38. Available in Benoît Castel boutiques from January 3.

© Benoît Castel


The Softest: Le Burgundy

For Epiphany 2024, Le Burgundy revisits the Calisson with a king cake delightfully flavored with orange blossom. In the mouth, the almond and honey frangipane takes on the texture of a perfectly soft cake.

Composition: Puff pastry, almond frangipane, honey, and orange blossom.

Le Burgundy, Calisson King Cake, for 4-6 people €23, for 6-8 people €55, available for online pre-order. Pickup at the reception starting January 2.

© Le Burgundy


The Lemon-Infused: Jeffrey Cagnes

For his sesame king cake, Jeffrey Cagnes has crafted an almond cream with golden sesame and lime. All wrapped in a very crunchy inverted puff pastry and covered with almond paste. A pure delight!

Composition: Almond and golden sesame cream, lime and candied cedrat.

Jeffrey Cagnes, Sesame King Cake, for 4 people €40. Available in Jeffrey Cagnes boutiques from January 2.

© Jeffrey Cagnes


The Poached: Potel & Chabot

Every year, we eagerly await the king cake from Potel & Chabot, a caterer for over 200 years. This year, the pastry is reinterpreted with melting pieces of caramel-poached pears and toasted hazelnuts. The result is a magnificent rosette. The killer detail? The delicious hazelnut praline heart at the center of the composition.

Composition: Almond cream, caramel-poached pears, tonka bean, vanilla, orange zest, star anise, hazelnut praline, toasted hazelnuts.

Potel & Chabot, Collection King Cake, for 6 people €58.50, for 8 people €78.50. Pre-orders starting from December 28. Available for click and collect in boutiques from January 5 to January 13, 2024.

© Potel & Chabot

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