The best festive restaurants in Paris

Restaurant to party in Paris

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The loud music , the overdressed clientele and the crazy atmosphere that pushes you to sing loudly, drink shots, wiggle your buttocks on the benches and raise your arms in the air: long live the festive restaurants! Get out your stilettos and your sequined dress !



Ouistiti party restaurant

Location: OUISTITI Paris offers an unparalleled warm and convivial atmosphere, transitioning seamlessly from a chic and laid-back lunch spot to a lively evening venue from Thursday to Saturday. Nestled just a stone's throw away from Gare Saint-Lazare and founded by two sets of friends, this charming establishment is divided into three spaces centered around a magnificent vintage zinc bar, the true heart of the venue where guests can also perch for a drink and some finger food (truffle gouda, white tarama, and more). Combining Art Deco notes with hints of urban jungle vibes, the elegant atmosphere unfolds through moiré green wallpaper, shimmering velvets, and even a few mirrors to capture your dance moves.

On the menu: the chef presents colorful dishes that exude freshness and seasonal delights. Starting with a herb-infused sea bass ceviche with coconut and lime (€18), a perfectly balanced vitello tonnato (€16), gnocchi with green pesto (€28), roasted yellow pollack with watercress coulis, spinach, and preserved lemon (€38), and even a devilish Angus rib steak with reduced jus and rosemary potatoes (€42). Desserts are equally enticing, with indulgent options like rice pudding with pink pralines (€14) and a delicate pear tart with Isigny cream and dark chocolate shavings (€14).

Into the glasses: a mixologist crafts truly spectacular signature cocktails. Start your evening with the unmissable Ouistiti (Italicus, Lillet rosé, raspberry vinegar, tonic... €20) or the decadent Capucin (Absolut vanilla, caramel syrup, egg white... €18). Prefer white wine? A bottle of Menetou-Salon will hit the spot (€50).

The sound: The ambiance at OUISTITI Paris revolves around festive evenings with a DJ or singer spinning pop/disco tunes from the 80s, starting with soulful beats and gradually building up to dance-floor hits that will surely get you moving (think "Freed from Desire!").

The extra: The feeling of being welcomed by friends, as both the owners and staff are incredibly friendly, making you want to become a regular!

OUISTITI Paris, 58 rue de l'Arcade, Paris 8th arrondissement. +33 1 55 06 10 75. Open for lunch and dinner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, until 1 am on Thursdays, and until 2 am on weekends.



Location: Perched on the top floor of Brasserie des Prés near Odéon, Grouvie is the delightful retro surprise of this season. Step back into the disco era in a carpeted space with vibrant colors, disco balls, and vinyl records lining the shelves.

On the Menu: Indulge in naughty delights crafted by chefs Théophile Hauser-Peretti and Thibault Darteyre, including crispy pig's trotters croquettes (€9), pistachio pâté en croûte (€14), garlic snails (€12), and tarama with blinis (€9). Want a touch of luxury? Dive into the caviars from Sturia (starting at €80).

In the Glasses: Enjoy funky cocktails by mixology world champion Jennifer Le Nechet, drawing inspiration directly from the kitchens of La Nouvelle Garde group's brasseries. The menu features The Temptations, a drinkable and ultra-gourmet version of the famous Paris-Brest pastry (€15). For a lighter option, try Blondie, a mix of armagnac, hazelnut butter, obazine, and extra-aged Merlet Pineau des Charentes (€16).

Grouvie, at Brasserie des Prés, 6 Cour du Commerce Saint-André, Paris 6th. Open every day from 6 pm to 1 am.

© Joann Pai (@joann-pai)



Location: Efficient, raw, and unpretentious, Cavalier, located just steps away from Place de la République, takes on the challenge of delivering excellence in the heart of a popular neighborhood. With its long layout and dressed in brick red, Cavalier gets straight to the point, featuring an impressive stone counter surrounded by high leather stools. On the sides, high tables, a small terrace outside, and smiles everywhere signifying warm hospitality.

On the Menu: Exceptionally good! Orchestrated by chef Harry Wilson, Cavalier's menu offers fresh delights to share, such as squid sashimi with burnt bergamot and fiolaro (€9), cauliflower with egg butter and Zhoug pesto, a mix of coriander and chili (€11), and baby potatoes with labneh and sourdough breadcrumbs (€9). A must-try is the barbecue-cooked monkfish with a delicious mandarin and white butter sauce (€15).

In the Glasses: Savor sharp cocktails with French spirits and vintage aperitifs. Favorites include Sbagliato Negroni (campari, tonka-infused dubonnet, absinthe, and champagne, €11) and Vaca Diablo (Mezcal, lime, pineapple, and shiitake, €13). Plus, an impressive list of natural wines with over forty references (starting from €7.50 per glass).

The Sound: No electro! The playlist of pop, rock, hip hop, and RnB delivers hits from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

The Extra: After 11 pm and until 5 am, even if the kitchens are closed, Cavalier satisfies late-night cravings with its applied homemade creations (terrine, squid sashimi, anchovies).

Cavalier, 22 rue du Faubourg du Temple, Paris 11th. Open from Thursday to Sunday, from 7 pm to 5 am.

© Maki Manoukian (@maki-manoukian)



Location: Close to the Pompidou Center in Le Marais, Donna is a visual treat. Mineral and minimalist, the ground floor features a stylish bar surrounded by a curtain and stools. Upstairs, a more intimate space with subdued lighting, sofas, and coffee tables.

On the Menu: Delight in the creations of chef Masahide Ikuta, an expert in preparing small gourmet portions. Revel in dishes like raw ikejime amberjack, cucumber, kohlrabi, and mango (€18), field tomatoes, yellow peach, almonds, and stracciatella (€14). Follow up with rocket risotto, clams, and chorizo (€22) and pork loin with green beans and apricots in a rich jus (€27). For a sweet ending, share the rhubarb/strawberry and sliced almond tart (€10).

In the Glasses: Choose from a meticulously curated selection of natural wines offering 100 possibilities, mostly French, with well-known and more confidential references, ensuring delightful discoveries. Donna has no menu; the owner proposes options tailored to your tastes after a quick discussion (starting from €8 per glass).

The Sound: As a self-proclaimed audiophile bar, Donna takes its music seriously. The eclectic and sophisticated musical programming blends disco/house/techno and features artists like Flower, Ams, Melody, Rag...

The Extra: A mirrored room bathed in red light, Donna's restrooms are a devilishly disco experience. A must-see!

Donna, 157 rue Saint-Martin, Paris 3rd. Open Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 6 pm to midnight and Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 2 am.

© Donna (@welcometodonna)



Giulia restaurant for partying

Location: Just steps away from the Champs-Élysées, Italy showcases its good taste within the walls of this lively restaurant with live performances and DJ sets. Giulia exudes the charm of a chic and enveloping decor adorned with carpeting, bucolic wallpaper, and velvety banquettes that warm the atmosphere. This night beauty welcomes groups of friends celebrating something special, providing comfort in its spacious area filled with alcoves and a repertoire of Italian songs, including the inevitable hits that everyone inevitably hums!

And on the Plates? It's the Italy we love: the one with a sense of sharing, indulgent and generous. Open your appetite with essential antipasti: a generous 300-gram burrata with colorful tomatoes (€22), tender vitello tonnato with a tangy tuna-mayo sauce and capers (€22), and truffle-flavored arancini with a downright amazing mozzarella sauce (€26). Continue the feast with a pasta dish; we recommend the less ostentatious pappardelle al ragù (€36). If you have room left, go for the thinly sliced barbecue-cooked beef fillet with a delicious white butter and mandarin sauce (€46).

In the Glasses: Italy's presence is felt in the wines, with assertive tannins and iconic cocktails like Negroni, Bellini, and Spritz prepared to perfection. Tutto a posto!

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 7 pm to 2 am.

Giulia, 20 rue Quentin Bauchart, Paris 8th. 01 89 71 01 11.



The restaurant to celebrate Mondaine

Location: Formerly Roxie and still under the management of Paris Society, it has undergone a major makeover and now goes by the name Mondaine. In a neo-cabaret spirit, this beauty flaunts its best features: wall-to-wall carpeting, animal prints (leopard leading the pack), sexy mirrors, and sultry four-poster beds. The game is played on two floors, offering a bar, alcoves, a library, and a smoking room where you can freely roam and clink glasses for chance encounters. And for every "party," a team of live musicians and singers takes care of the sound, playing the nostalgic strings of French variety and universally known hits that we all sing along to willingly!

And on the Plates? Delicate dishes that please the beautiful people and ensure lightness for falling in love with the night: truffle-infused leek vinaigrette (€32), avocado with olive oil and lemon (€16), or foie gras on toasted brioche (€37). But also more comforting dishes often enhanced with a noble ingredient: truffle linguine (€45), beef tartare with matchstick fries (€34), morel mushroom chicken (€46), and beautiful sole meunière to share with new potatoes (€175).

Sweet Delights: Indulge in a gourmet tarte Tatin with rich cream and caramel (€14), chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream (€16), or cute little choux to share while whispering sweet words to each other (€29).

Open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 8 pm to 2 am. Reservations highly recommended.

Mondaine, 23 rue de Ponthieu, Paris 8th. 01 53 75 31 00.



The Gala restaurant to party

Location: Just emerged, this new spot is already making waves. Here is the festive oriental restaurant that Paris has been waiting for! With its opulent decor reminiscent of a luxurious palace—featuring feathered chandeliers, colorful stained glass, velvety fabrics, and a Berber tent concealing an XL table—Chez Gala brings elegance and transports you straight to Marrakech, without a passport or suitcase. Musicians playing oud and violin, oriental dancers weaving between tables, and DJs playing heavy beats that keep the room lively until 2 am—it's pure magic!

And on the Plates? Magic happens here too, thanks to the talent of the young chef Vladimir Rapoport, who previously worked with Passard and Piège. Start with grilled eggplant pulp caviar and tomatoes, perfect for dipping (€20). Follow up with lamb and veal kebab skewers with a mint-infused sauce (€24). For the main course, go for the zaatar-seasoned lamb rack, so tender it's heavenly (€36), or the veggie couscous (€28). For those who enjoy sharing, the 12-hour slow-cooked lamb shoulder serves 2 people (€105). And for dessert, a difficult choice between chili and olive oil chocolate mousse (€16) and the giant macaron with rose mousse and raspberry coulis (€18).

Open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 7:30 pm to 2 am, and Sunday from 8 pm to midnight. Reservations highly recommended.

Chez Gala, 6 rue Arsène Houssaye, Paris 8th. 06 17 93 52 38.


La Casbah

The restaurant La Casbah to party

Location: A true haven of hype, this bistro-souk opened by Aurélien Delaeter (also the founder of Badaboum) is always buzzing. It's no wonder—the programming is spot on even in the kitchen. The highly media-friendly chef Abdel Alaoui delights Parisians with traditional Moroccan dishes reimagined as tapas. It's a feast in a crazy atmosphere! Note: kitsch parties are organized once a month by Benjamin Belin, former editor-in-chief of Say Who, promising high-flying celebrations.

And on the Plates? Wednesday is couscous party day with shared kémias, royal couscous with lamb, chicken, merguez, and kefta (vegetarian options available), and a seasonal fruit salad accompanied by delicious mint tea (€39). On other days, choose from the à la carte menu: hummus of the day (€9), Berber octopus (€15), lamb confit pastilla (€12), lemon confit chicken for 3 people (€80), mechoui for 3 people (€95), cabbage (€9), tea or coffee (€2.50). Note: super exotic cocktails with names like Café Clandestin, Souk Viril, or Camel Kiss (€13 to €15).

Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 8 pm. Reservations highly recommended.

La Casbah Paris, 18-20 rue de la Forge Royale, Paris 11th. 01 88 33 41 78.

© Julien Granel


Le Bœuf sur le Toit

The restaurant Le Boeuf sur le toit to party

Location: This iconic address from the roaring twenties, where Christian Dior, Brigitte Bardot, and Yves Saint Laurent danced, needs no introduction. Taken over by Patrick Bruel with Benjamin Patou (Moma Group), this stronghold proudly stands as the star-studded Q.G. of the moment, resembling a music hall in the style of Alexis Mabille, with a grand piano, aged mirror tables, crystal chandeliers, and patterned carpets. Pianist Victor Le Douarec (former maestro of Piaf) makes the room swing with a transgenerational repertoire from Sardou to Céline Dion, Queen, or William Sheller. Special mention on Tuesdays when the music hall transforms into a comedy club guided by Samuel Bandy, featuring a program that showcases stars (Kev Adams, Roman Frayssinet, Mathieu Madénian) and promising young talents.

And on the Plates? Indulge in a €120 three-course menu, selecting from the trendiest dishes of the moment: foie gras terrine, matured beef carpaccio, green bean salad, truffle-infused macaroni, lobster rigatoni, Burgundy-style braised beef with matchstick potatoes, profiteroles, and other delightful treats.

Open Monday to Saturday from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Highly recommended to make reservations.

Le Bœuf sur le toit, 34 rue du Colisée, Paris 8th.

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