5 arguments to steal from Raphaël Enthoven to impress the gallery

Nouvelles Morales Provisoires

Anguished at the idea of passing for a pitcher or an uncultivated person at dinners in town? Do not panic, in his latest work Nouvelles morales provisoires , the very sexy Raphaël Enthoven arms you to hold intellectual-chic conversations on current events and… humanity!

We dissect for you 5 brilliant ideas to pique him:

Nationalism vs patriotism

They are used everywhere, all the time, often over and over again. But do you really know the difference between these two words? Romain Gary wrote that “ Patriotism is the love of one's own. Nationalism is hatred of others . ” To this distinction, Raphaël Enthoven adds that patriotism is also the benevolence that one must have towards his own country to face the crimes of which he is guilty and the errors that he commits (for example, not to deny that France is also the country that profited from slavery and the colonies).

While nationalism is precisely the denial of errors or crimes committed by his country, the nationalist is the one who revisits history in his own way in order to speak only for the good of his nation (for example, those Turks who, in May 2018 in Nîmes , threatened to burn the kiosks where the cover of the Point appeared which qualified Erdogan as a dictator). Nothing better to fart than to test your guests on these two words often confused!

Should the S files be locked?

If we certainly all have an opinion on the question, Raphaël Enthoven arms you to get out of concrete arguments. The question actually widens beyond the S files: is it better to lock up a potential culprit or not to take the risk of condemning an innocent person?

If a registered individual S commits an attack, everyone will accuse the justice system of not having locked him up before even though, according to the law, preventive internment of radicalized people is inapplicable.

Why then not change the law? Because the consequences of a law that would allow the imprisonment of potential future culprits would be disastrous: predictive justice would take the place of democracy, and we would all be endangered by the general presumption of guilt. For example, you would not dare to look in the eyes of your old neighbor downstairs who complains about your parties, at the risk of being accused of radicalization capable of putting you behind bars. Enough to plug a corner at the service demagos.

The clitoris, a weapon of war?

Because it is always good to recall the delay of our society on the female body, let us remember that it was only in 2017 that the clitoris was correctly and fully represented for the first time in an SVT school manual. By this gesture, although late, the Magnard editions finally place men and women in the same boat. Better, this representation is a victory of freedom . Because for Raphaël Enthoven (and for us too for that matter!) The clitoris is a “ weapon of mass construction and self-confidence ”: by freeing women from the obligation to be first genitators, this organ is theirs. makes the enjoyment of their own body.

In other words, because learning about your own body is a first liberation, difficult to enslave a woman who is aware of the magic of an organ exclusively reserved for her pleasure. To respond to the bullies who still defend excision in order to reduce the hypersexuality of women (like a certain Tariq Ramadan ), nothing better then than the multiplication of school books filled with clits and the abundant use of this hood that Brassens called “ The incomparable instrument of happiness ”.

Everyone is wrong about the meaning of the term “sorority”

If you think that the term “ sorority ” is the male version of “ fraternity ” and therefore designates a notion of solidarity between women, you are wrong. In fact, there is no male equivalent to “ fraternity ” as long as women, grammatically, are not excluded from it.

Just as human rights include those of women, brotherhood is a feminine word that includes brothers and sisters. On the contrary, “ the word sorority concerns any minority which, in reaction to an imaginary or real tutelage, feels its belonging as a value in itself and privileges its own over others. ”Do men prioritize their rights over those of women? They can themselves form a sorority. And paf!

The problem of the intersectionality of struggles

Are the struggles against racism and feminism compatible? Interesting reflection that that of Enthoven on the subject. Taking the example of the “ feminist association Lallab which wants to “ make the voices of Muslim women heard ”, he explains that the organization in fact dangerously opposes the two causes.

Lallab's goal? Prevent the criminalization of street harassment perceived, in their eyes, as “ a feminist instrumentalisation to reinforce the racist and security abuses of the French State ”. Translation: because the association considers that Muslims would be the first victims of this law if it were implemented, it is even better to let the women deal with their harassers, so as not to fuel racism in France. What is the name of this phenomenon of converging struggles which end up opposing each other? Intersectionality . Here: this association creates a form of misogynistic feminism that perpetuates servitude in the name of liberation. Do you want to spark a heated debate to liven up your dinner? Put this subject on the table: guaranteed result!

LIvre de Raphaël Enthoven, éditions de l'Observatoire

New provisional morals , Raphaël Enthoven, Éditions de l'Observatoire, € 21

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