Madame: the turmoil of a real woman today

Madame D Alix Laine

Combine the 8am meeting after the youngest's sleepless night and the kids' breakfast, a work night with your boyfriend's birthday, does that mean anything to you? Because in 2019, women still have to deal with their professional ambitions and their often busy personal life , Alix Laine had the (very) good idea to give us a good example in her novel Madame . Why this book will speak to you.

The decisive stage of the first children

At thirty, Clara needs a change. On the program: a desire for a new job and a desire for a baby. When she lands the dream job of project leader with Dominique Passerant, the embodiment of female entrepreneurship , Clara goes headlong, ready to give all her time to this company. But when she learned of her first pregnancy from her boss, Dominique, yet an activist for women's rights on paper, gradually dismissed her from big contracts. A situation unfortunately very common and yet perfectly illegal ...

The risk of toxic people

What could be worse than a malicious boss who focuses more on his objectives than on his employees? A guy who shies away from his responsibilities of course! On the heart side, Clara is not spoiled either: after informing her of her pregnancy, her companion Nicolas takes her legs around her neck only to come back to her (as if nothing had happened) until a few months after the birth. of the little girl. Caught between a vicious boss and an irresponsible man , Clara's life turns into an infernal cycle : devaluation , loss of confidence and control over her life ... The working-girl must choose to abandon her dreams or take charge of her life. his freedom, even if it means losing feathers ...


By showing us a woman who, like many of us, fights on all fronts not to give up either her professional ambitions or her childish desires , Alix Laine opens our eyes to the danger of forget about yourself and the importance of listening to your limits. A modern , feminist and intelligent novel to read urgently!


Madame, Alix Laine , Looking for Midi, € 18.

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