Pose: the must-see queer series

Pose Serie

Heads up to all the party animals who like to portray divas on the dance floors! Pose, is just the dose of rhinestones and emotion that we needed to survive when coming back to town for the new season. Boosted with legendary tubes, this furiously glitter UFO series dives right in the LGBT New York  of the 80s, in the craziness of ballrooms and voguing. A bombshell of humanity to go see immediately!

The show runner everyone is talking about

Named «the most powerful man of American TV» by the New Yorker, Ryan Murphy is THE show runner everyone in Hollywood wants. Glee, Nip Tuck, American Horror Story, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: that’s him! The scriptwriter with a thousand ideas a minute is back with a nugget that shakes up the clichés (his trademark) (Pssst: he has just joined the Netflix stable, in other words, we will be hearing more from him. Hurray.)

The pitch? Strike a pose

The setting. The voguing scene (this ghetto dance born in the American prisons) and New York ballrooms in the 80’s carried by the gay Afro-American and Latino community. Kids from poor districts tackle each other with battles of looks (and bitchy remarks) to the sound of disco tubes. The queens of the game are the mothers who take under their wings young kids thrown into the street by the family. In Pose, pest Elektra Abundance (funny and cruel, we are fans !) sees her supremacy contested when her underling Blanca Evangelista branches off to create her own house with c Damon, a talented young dancer and Angel, a trans prostitute. Together, they are going to challenge the Abundance house (murder on the dance floor?)

An incredible casting

You enjoyed discovering them? Keep their names in mind! MJ Rodriguez, Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson… their charisma inundates this pioneer series with more than 50 transgender actors (a record). They take over the screen, and not only when it’s question to strut about with  12cm heels. Under the glam polish, Pose is a committed drama that places in the spotlight the queer minority, not exactly star of the castings. And juggles with more important topics such as exclusion, the curse of AIDS, prostitution...

Verdict ?

Go go go! Glam and touching, definitely the best series with attitude of the moment. With as extra bonus a terrific disco playlist disco canon: Heartbeat by Taana Gardner, Deep in Vogue by Malcolm McLaren… or the good old Whitney Houston everyone loves.

Discover also The Innocents: the upcoming Netflix series.

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