3 Compelling Reasons to Watch Priscilla, Sofia Coppola's Latest Film

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2024 kicks off with a bang: Priscilla, Sofia Coppola's eighth film, finally hits French theaters on Wednesday, January 3. The director brings to light the woman who has often been overshadowed by Elvis Presley. From their love at first sight in Germany to their iconic marriage, Sofia Coppola paints an initiatory portrait of Priscilla. The Do It Team gives you 3 (very) compelling reasons to go see this touching biopic.


Sofia Coppola Obsession

We often forget the one who stood by the King for nearly 14 years. Fortunately, Queen Sofia Coppola is here to tell the story of Priscilla Beaulieu's toxic love affair with Elvis Presley. When they meet, Priscilla is only 14 and still in school. The singer, on the other hand, is 24, finishing his military service, and already the star we all know.

As she does so well, Francis Ford's daughter ensures that the viewer identifies with her main character: Priscilla is simply a regular girl experiencing her first great love, and her illusions shatter over time. She skillfully tackles themes of boredom and loneliness, along with female desire, featuring a determined protagonist that the audience sees evolve.


A Star Is Born

Sofia Coppola has a knack for discovering new talents, as seen with Kirsten Dunst (Virgin Suicides, Marie-Antoinette) and Elle Fanning (Somewhere). In Priscilla, Cailee Spaeny shines in front of the director's camera. After appearances in a few feature films (On the Basis of Sex, Vice), the American actress takes on her first major role with Priscilla. Touching, authentic, and anything but clichéd, Cailee Spaeny is already rewarded for her performance: Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Dramatic Film. Place your bets for the Oscars.


Elvis without Elvis

As for Elvis, he's a familiar face to younger generations. Jacob Elordi (The Kissing Booth, Euphoria) portrays an Elvis whose monstrous side is rarely explored today. Even though he doesn't physically resemble the singer much and his tall stature may be surprising, that's not the point. Elvis Presley is not the king of this film.

This is also why the absence of his musical repertoire doesn't affect the film much, even if it may be surprising at first. It's important to note that Sofia Coppola had no choice, as Elvis Presley's heirs did not grant her the rights for this feature film.

No problem! The director compensates gracefully with a soundtrack by Phoenix - whose lead singer is none other than her husband, Thomas Mars. Not to mention the splendid costumes that evoke nostalgia for the '70s and the sets that transport us to the heart of Graceland, Elvis's legendary estate. See you at the theaters!

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