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A true Jewish tradition that sits on the Shabbat tables every Friday evening, the halla (the hallot in the plural) is a savory delight close to the brioche that melts in the mouth and that is dipped in eggplant caviar-type kemias. , unless you place slices of grilled pepper on top . Mmmhhh ...

Central dish of the celebration which arrives after the Kiddush prayer, it is shared between all the guests. Our DA Julia gave us her family recipe, and we can tell you that she is crazy.


For 4 hallots:

1kg of sifted T45 flour

1 cube of fresh baker's yeast

½ glass of sugar (100g)

½ oil (125 ml)

2 eggs

1 tablespoon of salt (20g)

For the decor:

1 whole egg, beaten, sesame

Shabbat Hallot Recipe

First deal with dry products. Sugar and salt must not touch each other.

Put the kilo of sifted flour in a large dish, then the sugar . Mix well. Then add the salt , and mix well again. Above all, do not add sugar and salt at the same time! Add the oil, mix, then it's the turn of the 2 previously beaten eggs.

Prepare 375 ml of lukewarm water and immerse the cube of fresh yeast in it . Wait until it melts to have a liquid consistency.

Start kneading your dough with your hands or in a food processor, adding the water and yeast mixture little by little while continuing to knead.

Your dough is ready when it no longer sticks and is very smooth.

Then put it in a large glass bowl and cover it with a clean tea towel away from a damp area for 2 hours in order to raise the dough .

Once the 2 hours have passed and your dough has been well assembled and degassed by pressing on it, we move on to braiding . To do this, cut your dough in 4 and then in 2 for a 2-branch braiding (there are several kinds of braiding, with two or three branches in particular).

Here are two little tutorials to help you braiding: tutorial 1 - tutorial 2 .

Once the hallots are ready to cook, put them on your baking sheet without sticking them, because they will grow a lot. Me, I make two batches with two hallots each time.

Before baking, brush your breads with a beaten egg and a few sesame seeds.

Finish by baking at 180 ° for 35 minutes.

Shabbat Chalom!

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