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Recette Salade Artichauts

The green bean and artichoke salad is one of the star entrees of three-star chef Eric Frechon in the station bistro Le Lazare … Simple, healthy, tasty, in short: incredibly veggie and good… To be tested urgently.

The chef's advice? “ This recipe is made with an artichoke from Macau, a French product from Nouvelle-Aquitaine , chosen for its generous head and fleshy scales. This seasonal vegetable is cooked whole and in this recipe, it serves as a container since it contains a salad of green beans with roasted hazelnuts . When we have enjoyed the green bean salad, we then taste the artichoke leaf after leaf then the heart, all seasoned with a creamy mayonnaise slightly flavored with anchovy.

Recipe for 4 people

Toast the hazelnuts and crush them lightly.

Turn the artichokes , cook them in a white.

Remove the hay from the artichokes , rinse them, cut into quarters. Hull the beans , cook them in the English style.

Season with the vinaigrette and shallots . Arrange in a salad bowl and sprinkle with grilled hazelnuts.

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