How to make a club sandwich worthy of 4 stars The Westin Paris-Vendôme

Sandwich Club The Westin

A club sandwich worthy of a luxury hotel: the dream. And now: chef David Réal of the famous hotel The Westin Paris-Vendôme has given us the secrets of the recipe for his new club sandwich which is making Parisians vibrate.


  • Toast the slices of pure malt bread (i.e. 3 slices).

  • Spread the fresh cheese flavored with dill and lemon on the slices of bread.

  • Arrange a few pickles of red onions and the cucumber slices.

  • Sprinkle each slice with the beet brunoise :

- 1st slice: seasoned fresh cheese + lamb's lettuce salad + gravlax salmon.

- 2nd slice: seasoned fresh cheese + gravlax salmon + beet brunoise.

- 3rd slice: seasoned fresh cheese + thin slice of cucumber + pickled red onion.

  • Red cabbage salad : mince the red cabbage, pour the boiling old wine vinegar over it, season with chopped chives + olive oil + fleur de sel and Espelette pepper.

  • Assemble in the order defined (it is also possible to alternate the foods to define other sets of colors).

  • Wrap the club in food paper, tighten everything tightly and cut in half using a saw knife.

  • Arrange on a wooden board, and present the garnish of your choice on the side, placed in a small pot.

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