The udon of chef Alexandre Arnal

Recette Udon Champignon Alexandre Arnal Tarakamono

Alexandre Arnal from the trendy restaurant Takaramono delivers his udon recipe on the menu: mushrooms , veal shoulder and herbs . Addictive !

Preparation of the sauce: put the Paris mushrooms cut in 4 in a pan with a nice drizzle of olive oil or grape seeds and a clove of garlic .

Leave to cook for at least 15-20 min while stirring, deglaze with soya , then mix with a little water to obtain a smooth cream . Reserve.
Sauté a few chanterelles and mutton's trotters (mushroom), then once golden, throw the udons in while stirring.

Then add the cream of mushroom .

Season with pepper , chervil and Parmesan pass through a microplane (fine fine fine) and make mushroom shavings to decorate the dish.

For the veal: cook a shoulder for 1.5 at most 25min at 180 ° and let the oven finish cooking.

For the dressing: put a few mustard leaves , season with grape seed oil and soya , and finally a few roasted sesame seeds.

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