The recipe for self-cooked crème brûlée

Recette Creme Brulee Sans Four

This dessert we were served as kids in small terracotta pots is making a noticeable and surprising comeback. Here, we share with you the secrets or crème brûlée without any cooking that will seduce even the most sceptical gourmets.

For 6 persons


In a pan, place the liquid cream and the vanilla pods entirely slit, grated.

Bring to a boil. Meanwhile, mix the pectin and the caster sugar. When the cream starts to boil, remove the vanilla pods, pour in shower-mode the mix sugar-pectin over the cream. Whip well and allow to boil again. When the mixture is boiling, transfer it in the upper part of a double boiler, add the yolks and mix with the help of a plunging blender.

Divide the cream in six ramekins. Leave in the icebox during 1 hour 30 to 2 hours.

When serving, sprinkle each cream with a fine coat of cassonade sugar, distribute it properly and make it caramelize with a kitchen blowtorch or very quickly under the oven grill.


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- 600g of liquid UHT cream with 35 % of fat

- 6 vanilla pods

- 4g jam pectin

- 60g of caster sugar

- 120g of egg yolks (6 yolks)

- Brown cassonade sugar

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