The Christmas fruit cake of Cyril Lignac

Recette Cake De Noel Cyril Lignac

The “gourmand-croquant” chef has shared with us his favourite recipe for a very special Christmas breakfast. An amazing fruit cake. Yummy

© Charlotte Lindet


Take 15 g of flour and mix with the chopped glazed fruit.

Sieve the rest of the flour and the chemical yeast together.

Slit and grate the vanilla pod, add to the flour.

Melt the butter at 40 °C.

Mix the eggs, the zests and the icing sugar.

Add the powders then the melted butter.

Add the Grand Marnier then mix (hand-mixer).

Add the mix of glazed fruit.

Place the entire batter into a buttered and floured mould.

Bake at 160 °C during 38 min.

Verify the cooking with the help of a knife, the blade must come out clean.

Demould and while warm, cover with transparent film so the cake remains moist.

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