Yum: furiously light pan fried cèpes mushrooms

Recette Endives Aux Cepes Et Noisettes

Braise the endives and the onions quite simply for a delicious seasonal pan fry to sprinkle with crunchy nuts. Easy and quick, now all you need to do is serve.

Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 15 minutes
For 4 persons


Rinse the endives, remove the heels and cut them up in slivers lengthwise.

Brush the cèpes and delicately cut the stems, cut them in regular slices. Peel, mince and remove the sprout from the garlic clove and the yellow onion. Finely chop the flat parsley.

Melt the butter in a pan and allow the Pearls, garlic and onion to sweat during 10 minutes on an average flame.

Increase the intensity of the flame and when the pan is nice and warm, add the cèpes, the crushednuts and the nut powder. Seize during 5 minutes.

Serve nice and warm.

Add some flat parsley
at your convenience. Savour immediately!


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- 4 Perle du Nord endives to be broiled

- 30g of butter

- 300g of fresh cèpes

- 20g of nut powder

- 50g of crushed nuts

- 1 garlic clove

- 1 yellow onion

- 1 bouquet of fresh flat parsley

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