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The Paris Repair Jeans shop

A few new kilos recently installed on the buttocks, the annoying habit of mistreating your things and a pronounced taste for procrastination ... Result: your favorite jeans are holed all over and relegated for months to the back of the cupboard while waiting to to be darned.

Georges: the king of denim

Repair Jeans Maverick shop

This is where Georges comes in. From his Repair Jeans Maverick workshop / boutique, very popular with connoisseurs, the craftsman has been repairing the most worn jeans for 35 years with his sewing machines that he has specially tweaked to meet the needs of this particular garment. “ Stronger than new ”, we get nickel pants with almost invisible scars. Holes in the buttocks or in the pockets, closures, loops, hems, tightening: no sores can resist it.

No need to move: you can send your damaged part to Georges by courier or correspondence, he will send it back to you as soon as it is ready, very quickly, since it usually repairs the same day of reception. Count between 30 and 40 € for the repair , 60 € if the garment (pants, jacket, shorts…) is in total lint.

Meet the cool

If you come to him (Porte d'Italie) - and we recommend it - Georges will tell you about the art of indigo in Japan and India, the history of selvedge , the Marithé + François Girbaud exhibition in the 90s in Drouot , the art of chain stitch and the dyeing industry in France.

This encyclopedia of jeans began to work on him during his most prosperous period, the seventies. Then he opened a cowboy boot shop with his father (can we do cooler?). Carried by the same love for the United States as his mastermind Guy Azoulay, creator of Chevignon , he decided to devote himself to the mythical blue jeans .

Converted for a long time to the circular economy , Georges collects, buys or swaps the old 501 and 511 that are lying around in your cupboards to resell them on the spot between 20 and 80 €, arranged in chronological order from the 80's to the present day. There are therefore also vintage nuggets: all good.

Do you know Sashiko?

He is one of the few to practice it in Paris. Sashiko is the art of meticulously repairing Japanese-style jeans, with a special thread: the craftsman takes the opportunity to make personalized designs, little stars, birds, graphic shapes… The idea, c t is to fully assume the repair by enhancing it with an original creation. For a unique pair of jeans, allow about two weeks.

Some maintenance tips

There is nothing we can do about usury, ” says Georges. It's even the DNA of denim: for those who really know it, beautiful jeans are jeans that have lived. “ The alchemy changes depending on how we use it. Some even store it in the freezer, but it actually doesn't matter!

On the color side, classic blue jeans made with white and blue threads are unlikely to lose their shine in the wash. Indigo, for its part, inevitably degrades after a few years, and the patina of jeans that have undergone dyeing is inevitable. You don't even need to wash it upside down. On the other hand, you can add white vinegar in the machine to keep the dye black or raw.

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:30 am-7pm, Sunday until 12 noon.

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