A Thai salad with honey-peanut sauce

Salade Thai

With the arrival of fine weather, we dream of freshness, slightly new sensations and to stock up on vitamins. It's done with this crazy little salad ultra-easy to prepare and an absolutely wow sauce! The hot thing? A small dish that can be prepared in advance and easily taken for a picnic or a lunch-box ...

Thai rice vermicelli salad recipe

Cook the vermicelli according to the package directions. Reserve in cold water.

Crush the peanuts and roast them in a pan over medium-high heat for a few minutes, until lightly golden. Book.

Prepare the vegetables: grate the carrots , slice the half cucumber and the pepper into thin slices as well as the new onions (bulbs and stems). Chop the cilantro .

Arrange the ingredients in layers in your jars, including a few edible pansies .

Prepare the sauce: it's as easy as pie! Combine all the ingredients, taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary. Keep the sauce in a separate small jar and pour it into the salad at the last moment!

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