5 new series to watch in September

The TV series lineup for September 2023

The new series from the creator of Emily in Paris , a very British girl power black comedy , a powerful thriller on the Mormon religion, a series on the dark waters of Venice from the creators of Gomorra … What are the best series of the season? Our shortlist.


By order of God

ordre de dieu on Disney +

For who ? True Detective fans looking for an addictive ' true crime ' .

The pitch. Freely adapted from the eponymous novel by Jon Krakauer ( Into the Wild ), this series is inspired by the sordid news item that hit the American headlines in 1984. In a small Mormon town in Utah, Brenda Wright Lafferty and her 15 months old, both members of an influential family in this community, are found brutally murdered in their home. Brenda's fault? To have wanted to restore, on its own scale, the image of the female condition in a religion which advocates a macho ideology.

Inspector Jeb Pyre – a practicing Mormon – and his investigators will have to push their investigations and unravel the maze of this bureaucracy ready to do anything to hide its darkest secrets. While the spectator oscillates between three time frames (the investigation, the period preceding the murder and the origins of this religion), the inspector sees his faith shaken by discovering the extremist branches of his own clan.

Why are you going to love it? With this series, director Dustin Lance Black (Oscar-winning screenwriter of Harvey Milk ) wanted to explore the origins but also the limits of this very controversial religion, which he himself embraced as a child. To do this, he called on a high-flying cast that impeccably interprets roles that are not so easy to hold. We find with pleasure the little protege of international cinema Daisy Edgar-Jones ( Normal People ), the brilliant Andrew Garfield ( You shall not kill ) but also Sam Worthington ( Avatar ) and Billy Howle ( The Serpent ). The soundtrack of this thriller is neat and the suspense almost unbearable.

Already available on Disney+


bad sisters

Bad Sisters on Apple tv

For who ? Those nostalgic for Cluedo , looking for a more feminine version of the film At Knives Out .

The pitch. The Garvey sisters, bound by the untimely death of their parents, made a promise to each other to always watch over and protect each other. Obviously, no limit was placed on this implicit pact. So when the husband of one of them turns out to be misogynistic, racist and completely toxic, nothing seems more natural to the other four than to try to suppress him.

The plot therefore opens with the sudden death of the brother-in-law and the investigation carried out by his insurers in order to shed light on this mysterious disappearance. Their research leads them to the Garvey sisters, each of them having a good reason for killing him. With humor, the series follows the shenanigans of these sisters who shine by their incompetence in killing a man.

Why are you going to love it? The very British director S haron Horgan (co-creator of Catastrophe ) offers the best an English family comedy has to offer: taboos, deception and lots of dark humour. By freely drawing inspiration from the Flemish series Clan , she takes the liberty of making this story, where nothing goes as planned, more realistic and therefore more believable. The sisters are played by talented and hilarious actresses, including Sharon Horgan herself ( This Way Up ), Anne-Marie Duff ( The Suffragettes ) and Eva Birthistle ( The Last Kingdom ).

Already available on Apple TV


The patient

the patient on Hulu

For who ? Those who loved In Therapy , eager to follow the psych sessions of a psychopath in search of crimes.

The pitch. Sam is a serial killer. During his sessions in the office of Alan Strauss , a psychotherapist, he uses a pseudonym and is not entirely candid about the depth of his problem. When he decides to kidnap his doctor and chain him in the basement of his house, he relies on him to cure him of his murderous impulses. If the latter fails, it is very likely that he will become Sam's next victim.

Unlike more classic thrillers, this sleek behind-the-scenes focus neither on the macabre nature of Sam's crimes nor the police investigation into them, but rather on the psychology behind it all, offering a slew of twists and turns. surprising. The possibility of Alan's death leaves an unparalleled suspense hanging over the series, like the tacit diagnosis of an incurable disease.

Why are you going to love it? Imagined by directors Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields , who had already teamed up for the brilliant The Americans , this series proves to be just as fascinating as it is frustrating because of its somewhat long format. Sam and his therapist are played by Domhnall Gleeson ( The Revenant ) and Steve Carell ( The Office ), a startling duo that admirably probes the perversity of the human mind.

Already available on Hulu



Uncoupled on Netflix

For who ? The Sex and the City Addicts .

The pitch. Welcome to New York's gay community, and more specifically that of Manhattan's wealthy fifties . Michael thought he was spinning the perfect love with her husband, whom he met 17 years earlier. But when he suddenly leaves him, he has to face a reality that terrifies him: he has just lost the one he thought was his soul mate and, worse, he now falls into the sad category of gay bachelors over 50 years.

If the series has airs of Sex and the City (spicy dialogues, upscale evenings, jazzy elevator music), it tackles with humor and lightness the new codes of flirting and dating specific to our time, jostled by the Internet and the dating sites . If this slew of episodes does not revolutionize the genre of the LGBT series, it does however offer a gallery of colorful characters, nostalgically reminiscent of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.

Why are you going to love it? The series has been brilliantly thought out by an outstanding directing duo, Darren Star ( Emily in Paris , Sex and the City ) and Jeffrey Richman ( Modern Family ). On the actors side, the choice fell on Neil Patrick Harris ( How I Met Your Mother ), satisfying in the main role, but also Tisha Campbell ( My Family First ) who plays the best friend, Brooks Ashmanskas ( The Good Wife ).

Already available on Netflix


don't leave me

La série don't leave me sur canal plus

For who ? Lovers of Italian achievements in search of societal series à la Gomorrah .

The pitch. In Venice, police divers probe the dark waters of a canal. Alerted by a fisherman who would have seen a body there, they end up bringing up an inanimate teenager on the quay. The subject is posed. An investigation then begins, aimed at dismantling a network of child trafficking on the Internet. Unlike many detective series, this one breathes into Elena and Daniele, this duo of investigators and former lovers, a certain complexity, neuroses and traumas and above all a common past, imbued with a beautiful humanity.

Behind the postcard image hides a dark Venice, almost gloomy and little shown on television. Dark Web, cyber pedophilia, child crime: the detective series tackles a subject still little known to the general public and no less difficult to tackle. All the codes of the thriller are respected with a well-crafted cop investigation, complex relationships between characters and obviously an unbearable suspense.

Why are you going to love it? After taking a dizzying dive into the Neapolitan mafia with Gomorra and examining the global cocaine traffic in ZeroZeroZero , Maddalena Ravagli and Leonardo Fasoli tackle pedophile crimes. The cast is 100% Italian. Some of the actors play their first role there, while others have been seen on our French screens, such as Sarah Felberbaum in Les Médicis .

Already available on Canal +

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