SOS Parisiennes in need of space !

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Heads up to all the Parisiennes who have too many clothes, stock their ski equipment and stylish boots under their bed and don’t know how to fit the super vintage sofa that will look great in their next flat.

And this also includes all those who have decided to move to London or abroad for an internship or a new job.

We have found for you the new hot tip that is taking Paris by storm! Code name? HOMEBOX, a great service that enables you to “delocalize” extra cumbersome pieces to the center closes to your home (there are 10 in the Paris area). The cellar of your drams... but even better !

Books, guitar, bed, dresser, tableware, all your extra stuff: here you can stock pieces that really have nothing to do in your home sweet home, that clutter your daily life, but you that want to keep—just in case.

The must? The wardrobe box with a big rod to stock all your winter coats and seasonal dresses …

We adore: having a free 24/7 access to your box in the center closest to you… Cherry on the baba: having your stuff delivered.

Passion Box starting at 49€ per month.

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